Convenience Store Turns the Corner

Deloitte Perspective

2018 (Volume VII)

Driven by continued economic growth, rise of major consumer groups, favourable policies, capital investment, the convenience store industry has experienced stable growth. Digital-centred transformation will pioneer the next stop for this industry and become crucial means to cope with changes and challenges. Participants from outside are swarming into this industry and may probably become the key force reshaping the convenience store landscape. 

Policy support and steady capital inflow fuel a sustainable growth in convenience store industry, making it the main growth driver in the retail market. In order to shed light on its development, this article analyzes convenience store industry from three apspects: development prospects, the path to business transformation, and potential game-changers in the market.


Tianbing Zhang
Deloitte China Partner | Consumer Products / Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Sectors Leader

Lydia Chen
Deloitte Research Director

Alaric Li
Deloitte Research Consumer Products / Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Sectors Researcher

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