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​Today’s retailers are confronted by savvy, smartphone-toting consumers and an uncertain economic future. Shifts in the supply chain require wholesale distributors to operate more efficiently. Our Retail & Distribution practice offers insights and services tailored for your organization.

Dbriefs Webcast

Holiday 2014: Winning the Cyber Risk Battle in Retail

Archived webcast

Deloitte University Press

Behind the Numbers: Seasonal factors in retailing

Is it possible we overestimate the impact of the holiday sales season?


Fifth annual eCommerce assessment

Retailers are increasingly challenged to develop an eCommerce experience that will win customer wallet share.


Consulting Services for Retail & Distribution

In this time of industry reinvention, Deloitte’s Retail & Distribution team brings proven experience in strategy, operations, finance, IT, and talent.


Tax offerings for the retail and distribution industry

Benefit from multidisciplinary perspective and prepare to serve changing customer base while also going green and expanding globally into new markets. 

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Alison Kenney Paul

Vice Chairman & US Leader | Retail & Distribution