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Annual results FY17

Deloitte hired 900 professionals last year and is looking to bring on 900 more

Deloitte Belgium remains market leader marking a double-digit revenue growth of 11%, thanks to digitisation, international cooperation and more complex regulations

Brussels, Belgium - September, 2017

Deloitte Belgium, the professional services organisation, generated a turnover of €480 million for the year ending on 31 May 2017. This 11% increase bolsters the position of Deloitte Belgium as the market leader in professional services. Deloitte is set on continuing the growth path and plans to recruit 900 new professionals in the coming year.

Worldwide, Deloitte generated a turnover of US$ 38.8 billion in financial year 2017. This marks an increase of 7.1%, which means Deloitte Belgium is surpassing the organisation’s global growth rate. Deloitte also remains the largest player in professional services globally.

Growth through innovation

Businesses are increasingly looking for advice on how to navigate rapid changes in today’s society. Deloitte Belgium points to its tailored offer that addresses these changes to partially explain the past year’s growth.

Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium: “Companies are challenged by digitisation, globalisation and ever more complex and more fragmented regulations. Exponentially changing technologies drive businesses towards investments in innovation. We help our clients to implement these technologies and focus closely on our own innovation initiatives. They exemplify Deloitte’s commitment to stimulating the Belgian economy, new business models and disruptive technologies.”

One of these innovations, and a second driver for growth, is Deloitte Belgium’s increased focus on globalisation. In June this year, Deloitte Belgium joined forces with 8 other countries to form Deloitte North West Europe (the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland). Deloitte NWE has proven to be very popular among multinationals looking for the same service offering across different countries. At the same time, it allows Deloitte to bring together experience in competence centres around relevant subjects such as data analytics, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things or specific SAP or Salesforce skills.

Piet Vandendriessche confirms: “More and more international assignments are being entrusted to Deloitte Belgium: last fiscal year, our people devoted 23,258 days to assignments abroad, an increase of more than 20% compared to FY16. This presents a great opportunity for our people, who can develop international careers more than before.”

In addition to this international presence, Deloitte Belgium’s local base is a definite winning asset. The organisation can stay ever close to the customer thanks to a network of 11 regional offices. Furthermore, SMEs, fast-growing companies, family owned and run concerns and private firms face challenges comparable to those of multinationals and public organisations. They are however better served by a customised approach from a trusted advisor who is thoroughly familiar with their business, structure and challenges and can respond accordingly. Deloitte Private has been set up to guarantee proximity to and a personal approach for such companies.

Growth through talent

To support this continued growth, Deloitte hired more than 900 people in FY17, making its current workforce 3,500 strong. Deloitte also works on the career paths of its employees: approximately 700 Deloitte Belgium employees moved on to new careers last year. Nine new partners were appointed:

Filip Camerlynck (Accountancy), Thomas Cardoen (Consulting), Michel De Ridder (Risk Advisory), Frederik D’heer (Consulting), Dieter Hillaert (Accountancy), Kasper Peters (Consulting), Pieter Van Hoecke (Tax and Legal), Jeroen Vergauwe (Risk Advisory) and Tom Windelen (Audit).

The law firm Laga that Deloitte Belgium has a collaboration agreement with also appointed a new partner, Kathleen De hornois.

Piet Vandendriessche: “We want to create a transparent, dynamic environment that offers room for personal and professional growth, giving people opportunities to learn, tackle new challenges and develop their entrepreneurial skills in a supporting, diverse context. We believe that the diversity of a team is just as important as the individual skills of the team members.”

Growth through sustainability

An important milestone during the past fiscal year was the move to the new Gateway building at Brussels Airport. It is part of Deloitte Belgium’s goal of sustainable growth while maintaining innovation and promoting mobility of the future. The move has had a favourable effect on Deloitte Belgium’s carbon dioxide emissions efforts: a 40% decrease of carbon dioxide emissions of the new building in comparison to the organisation’s previous offices.

Moreover, Brussels Airport is a hub for public transport. An internal mobility campaign has encouraged employees to try out new and alternative mobility solutions, such as public transport, pool cars, carpooling or electric bicycles. Over 1,000 employees participated in the campaign.

The organisation has set a target of reducing its CO2 emissions by 25% by the year 2021.

Piet Vandendriessche: “As consultants, we want to contribute to improvements in terms of innovation, sustainability and mobility. I strongly believe that we as an organisation must set a good example – hence our efforts to improve mobility options for our people.”

Growth in financial year a constant in all the individual activities of Deloitte Belgium

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