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Deloitte adds the MINI Electric to its fleet as part of its sustainability ambitions

A greener fleet to help cut CO2 emissions 

Deloitte today announced the addition of 100 MINI Electrics to its fleet to further support its sustainability ambitions. Deloitte, BMW/MINI, and KBC Autolease share a passion for safety and innovation, which makes the Deloitte branded MINI Electric an ideal addition to the greener fleet.

Brussels, Belgium – 26 August 2020

The biggest opportunity to reach Deloitte’s sustainability goal and reduce its CO2 footprint lies in mobility, as its fleet makes up the majority of its total emissions. In addition to the car, Deloitte's mobility programme offers its employees a whole range of mobility options, such as bicycles and public transport, to meet their needs and achieve sustainability goals.

However, Deloitte is always looking into other innovative options and solutions. In addition to vehicles with limited CO2 emissions, a number of electric and hybrid vehicles are also offered, whereby employees can subsequently opt to have a charging station installed at home or request an adapted plug to charge their vehicle at home. Charging stations are already provided in Deloitte's office network.

Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium: “At Deloitte, we believe that organisations play an important role in shaping our communities and are committed to having a positive impact on the environment. The addition of MINI Electrics to our fleet marks an important step in our efforts to transition to a greener fleet. Together we can make an impact through sustainability and reduce our emissions to contribute to a better future for all.”

The Deloitte MINI Electric

Deloitte and BMW/MINI share a passion for safety, innovation and sustainability, which supports Deloitte’s ambitions to care for its people and the communities in which it operates.

Eddy Haesendonck, CEO BMW Group Belux: “MINI plays an important role in the field of innovation and sustainability within the BMW Group, and therefore fits like no other brand with a company like Deloitte. With the introduction of the MINI Electric, Deloitte was the first company to order this 100 percent electric car for its employees. I was representing MINI in 2008 when we signed our first contract to integrate MINI in the Deloitte fleet. Meanwhile, the typical Deloitte MINIs with the green mirrors have become a fixture on Belgian roads. We are delighted that tradition and innovation go hand in hand, now that Deloitte and BMW Group pursue sustainable mobility together.”

In this effort toward more sustainable mobility, Deloitte and BMW Group are also partnering with KBC Autolease.

Stefan Delaet, CEO KBC Autolease: “In line with the sustainability ambitions of KBC Group, we at KBC Autolease actively look for opportunities and partnerships that make a difference to the environment and society. For example, KBC Autolease was one of the pioneers of bicycle leasing on the Belgian market and we are now focusing on electrical and shared solutions. Under the motto ‘Energize Lease’ we explore various opportunities related to alternative sources of energy, mobility and energy management to the benefit of our customers and the environment. We are pleased to engage in this endeavour together with our long-standing, established, partners: Deloitte and BMW Group.”

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