Marketing Pioneer of the Year

Recognising and celebrating impact

We are proud to be partnering with the Belgian Marketing Awards to introduce a special award, the Marketing Pioneer of the Year. This award will be presented to a company or marketeer that pioneers new data and/or technology capabilities and demonstrates impact on their business.

Crafting relevant and human customer experiences is the ambition of all marketeers. But without the right data to guide your communication and the right technology to enable real-time automation and delivery, there is no relevance. Recent years have given us an explosion of digital channels, data, metrics, and technology options. With this award, we aim to recognise the pioneers that are making an impact with new data and/or technology capabilities.

Timelines :

  • Subscribe yourself or nominate somebody else :
    Deadline 21st September.
  • Send your complete case to
    Deadline 22nd September
  • Notification if you are on the shortlist (3 shortlisted candidates)
    1st October
  • 30 min video call to defend your case (shortlisted candidates)
    6th October
  • Marketing Award Ceremony (shortlisted candidates)
    17th November

Award Criteria

You will be asked to demonstrate your impact by briefly summarizing a response on following questions.

You will also have the option to add additional supporting material to support your claims. (example: a short.pdf format with the creatives used in the campaigns, data & results, marketing tech stack used and any other relevant piece of information).

SECTION 1  Introduction:  The context & Challenge & Opportunities and Threats
Introduce your company:  What are the activities? In which category/categories your company is operating? Who are your main competitors? Etc… (max. 10 lines)

What is the context? What is the Issue/the challenge? What are the risks and opportunities? (max. 20 lines)
SECTION 2  Business Strategy
What is the business strategy? What does your company try to achieve? How do you measure business success? What are the KPI’s? (max. 20 lines)
SECTION 3  Marketing Strategy
What is the marketing strategy? What kind of customers is your company targeting? How does your company build relationships with clients? How do you measure success? What are the marketing KPI’s? (max 20 lines)

From a customer centric perspective: describe the customer centric value proposition?  What made this proposition unique, different from your competitors, outstanding? (max 20 lines)
SECTION 4  MarTech and/or Data innovation
Which new MarTech and/or Data innovation capability did you implement?  Which objectives did you want to achieve through this innovation? (max 20 lines)

How did you transform your Marketing through this innovation?  What changed? What was your approach to foster adoption of this innovation? (max 20 lines)

What were the learnings of this transformation?  What were the quick wins? The pitfalls? The future roadmap? (max 20 lines)
SECTION 5  Results
What were the Marketing results & Business results?  How did you measure success? (max 30 lines)

What can the marketing community learn from your case?  What are the best practices to share and what can we learn from your failures? (max 30 lines)

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