Deloitte’s Purpose

Making an impact that matters

Our firm has a legacy of Purpose built upon decades of commitment to help our clients and our talent succeed, and to contribute to a better society. Our Purpose is embedded in our DNA. As an organisation, we want to be more than an economic player in society, we want to positively impact the communities we live in.

Our Purpose is at the core of everything we do to ensure that we conduct business in a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible manner. In a word, we are Purpose-led. Our Purpose is anchored in three different areas: talent empowerment, social engagement, and client relationships. By using the best of Deloitte, our expertise, in these priority areas, we can positively strengthen our impact.

Appointing a Chief Purpose Officer (CPO) with a background in business makes embedding Purpose in the decision-making process and looking beyond the business case more organic. A crucial part of the CPO’s role is to explicitly question and challenge certain decisions and considerations from a Purpose perspective, for example in the context of shaping the future leadership.

At Deloitte, Purpose is not just a word or a corporate responsibility programme. I strongly believe being Purpose-led supports and reinforces our long-term relationship with our people and clients. lt differentiates us, helps us give back to society, and contributes to reaching our talent goals, including those related to diversity and inclusion.

Hilde Van de Velde, Chief Purpose Officer Deloitte Belgium

Impact that matters: Client Service, Role in Society, Talent Experience

Living our Purpose

As a people business, we want to be an organisation where employees have the opportunity to achieve their professional and personal goals, ensuring that their professional contributions make a difference. Attracting people who are a value fit is essential to empower our talent. Our diverse workforce is brought together by our shared values, which form the DNA of Deloitte and empower them to live their own Purpose. At Deloitte, we invest in the development and growth of our talent, giving them opportunities, and the skills they need to prepare them for Industry 4.0—the rise of network-based, data-driven, and autonomous technologies that blur the line between the physical and the digital world. These skills are an asset for futureproofing their career, adding value to the economy.

As an organisation, we have a major responsibility to society. We are committed to contributing to a better life together through social engagement. We focus our efforts on 3 pillars:

  1. Education, Skills, Diversity & Inclusion; 
  2. Entrepreneurship;
  3. Sustainability

The Deloitte Foundation enables us to share knowledge with social organisations and NGOs, such as 19 Coding School, Fund Isaan, Vlajo/Les Jeunes entreprises, and Close the Gap. Our Mobility@Deloitte programme was launched to help us build a better world and will enable us to reduce our CO2 emissions by 25 percent by 2021. These are just a few of the many initiatives that we have launched to make a positive impact on society, which also help us contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as climate action, sustainable cities and communities, and decent work and economic growth. We assume our responsibility as an organisation by stimulating our people and thereby setting new standards.

Through cooperation with our clients and partners, we want to further promote the need for meaning, or having a Purpose. Clients choose us because our values match and we also select whom we work with, finding a value fit. We proactively think about the ethical, social, and societal consequences of the transformations our clients achieve with our help. After all, Deloitte’s young workforce (average age of 32 years) attaches importance to the role that organisations can play in broader society around issues that have a real impact, such as the consequences of robotisation and the future of work.

I am proud that, as a firm, we use our Purpose to steer our decisions and make a positive, enduring impact that matters not just through our corporate social responsibility and sustainability programmes, but also through our core business.

Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium

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