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Purpose impact series

Making an impact with our clients

During these unprecedented times, we are launching many inspiring initiatives to support our clients, activating our Purpose through the work. These are some of the many examples of how we are making an impact for and together with our clients.

Sharing knowledge and saving lives 

Given the COVID-19 crisis, our client formed a consortium with other manufacturers to repurpose and share their production capacity in order to meet the steep demand for disinfectant. As disinfectant did not fall within their traditional manufacturing and supply chain setting, it raised various complexities. 

Upon the request of the client, our people mobilised immediately to support with demand forecasting, supply balancing, volume and product allocation to hospitals, as well as designing a new intake form to streamline orders. In less than a week, the solution was up and running.

Facilitating new aid measures to support businesses

In the course of the lockdown, many companies sought increased liquidity support to bridge the difficult months ahead through guarantees, loans, direct operational aid, etc. 

Our client launched a new online support programmes to bolster and expand existing tools that provide fiscal relief for companies. Deloitte assisted in drafting the legislative framework necessary for some of these new systems, and in getting the clearance needed for the aid schemes to go ahead. 
The Deloitte Legal public law team are also drafted regulation for a public transport company to require all passengers to practice social distancing and wear face masks while utilising their services.

Accelerating plasma research to fight COVID-19

As scientists and experts around the world rush to discover a vaccine to protect against COVID-19, our practitioners have worked tirelessly to provide digital support to two of our clients by developing an EU-wide database that tracks convalescent plasma donations and transfusions.

With studies being conducted to determine if convalescent plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients could help those ill with the virus, our clients came to Deloitte for help building a platform that considered the entire donation model. 

Within three weeks of the request, we went from idea to a useable interface. In the midst of the crisis, we very quickly created a solution that unites Europe in its battle against the virus and accelerates this research across borders.

Expediting solutions with our Global Nerve Centre

With social distancing measures and new health and safety guidelines in place to limit the spread of COVID-19, the food and beverage industry is facing an uphill battle to remain competitive during the challenging times that lie ahead.

To mitigate the negative effects on one of our major clients, our firm launched a Global Nerve Centre to provide dedicated support to maximise incentive realisation through sustainability grants and tax and legal services, generating a significant, positive financial impact for the client in merely two months.

Partnering for the Deloitte SustAInability Hackathon

Social and environmental sustainability is both high on the political agenda and top of mind for many citizens around the globe, making it the perfect topic for our second Deloitte hackathon organised together with one of our clients.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event was held virtually over Zoom, which allowed for each of the four teams to have a breakout room to work out their sustAInability use cases. Esteemed members from our client and Deloitte were part of the jury that evaluated the pitches.

All of the findings and generated ideas will be leveraged by the client during the course of the coming year to support future sustainability initiatives.

Offering premiums to thousands of residents in Brussels

The ongoing health crisis has led to reduced professional opportunities and higher unemployment levels for many working adults across the country. 

To ease the burden and help with the rent for those whose paychecks have been severely impacted by the pandemic, our client gave a premium to nearly 80,000 residents in the Brussels Region, one for each household.

The project was a major success, with the website, backend solution, and app launched within a two-month span. In just four weeks, more than 40,000 residents accessed the website and app, with more than 8,000 requests approved (80 percent were automatically accepted thanks to our new algorithms and our installed robots).  

Sharing our mobility story with the world

Deloitte sponsored and participated in the first virtual edition of the Belgian ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Congress, a yearly event that brings together key decision makers from both the private and public sectors who have an interest in sustainable mobility solutions based on technology.

During the webinar, we presented shared mobility and MaaS (Mobility as a Service). Deloitte is committed to its role in the Future of Mobility ecosystem and enabling its people to make a conscious choice to change their mobility behaviours.

Improving pandemic preparedness in Europe

Over the last two years, a dedicated Monitor Deloitte team in Brussels has been supporting our clients in the domain of infectious diseases. We are helping them set up novel research infrastructures to propel science and innovation with support from across Europe and large international foundations.

Among other, we supported a consortium of academics in establishing a network organisation that connects over 1,000 hospital sites, 600 labs and 300 general practitioners all over Europe, and we approved a business plan for a client to get aid to help them build a research institute.

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