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December is the perfect time to take a moment to give back to society and spread happiness. Through the Digital Shoebox, Deloitte is teaming up with several partners to provide food and drinks to the homeless and underprivileged community in Belgium. Together with you and our partners, we can distribute gifts to people in need, particularly in these times of increasing energy prices and inflation. Help us contribute to the initiative and donate a #DigitalShoebox!
Today, we’re joined by one of our key alliance partners, Salesforce to make an even greater impact. Wouldn’t it be great if this year we could help even more people, together?

How does it work

Deloitte has developed this platform where businesses and individuals can donate a #DigitalShoebox that will be distributed to people in need. Each box contains non-perishable, easy-to-open and directly consumable food, hygienic products, as well as festive items. The price of the boxes ranges from €7 to more than €100.

The shoeboxes will be distributed to various associations with the help of The Samaritans and the Belgium Federation of Food Banks. Every box has a big impact. To donate a gift, select an amount and spread joy this holiday season. The action is done in collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation. Donations as from €40 will be tax deductible.

Last year, more than 1,000 shoeboxes amounting to a total value of almost €36,000 were donated.

Our partners

The Samaritans is a not-for-profit organisation under Belgian law, aiming at providing assistance to the homeless and other people in need in Brussels through a weekly distribution of food. They support this initiative by connecting with the associations directly helping the homeless and people in need in Belgium.
The Belgian Federation of Food Banks is a coordinating organization that represents a national network of nine regional Food Banks. In their fight against hunger for more than 30 years, the Food Banks, through more than 600 affiliated local associations and thousands of volunteers, provide free, healthy and varied food to people in need. They joined this initiative to assure a greater impact and support the storage and distribution of the boxes via the Food Banks to the associations!
The King Baudouin Foundation is an independent and public utility acting for the common good to foster sustainable and positive change in society in Belgium, Europe and elsewhere in the world. She endeavors to maximize its impact through capacity building among organizations and people who contribute to building a better society.
Solucious, Colruyt Group's food service business and logistics partner of this initiative, is supporting this initiative by securing product availability, taking on the full logistics process of delivering the shoebox items via Les Samaritains and the Food Banks to the homeless and underprivileged communities in Belgium.
Salesforce is a company that delivers cloud-based software, designed to help businesses benefit from automation and efficiencies. Salesforce is committed to doing well by all their stakeholders, and society as a whole. They joined the Digital Shoebox initiative to make a greater impact.
Deloitte founded and is running the shoebox initiative. A leading audit and consulting practice in Belgium, serving national and international companies, from small and middle-sized enterprises, to public sector and non-profit organisations, Deloitte’s Purpose is to make an impact that matters for clients, our people, and society.

What about my data?

Your personal data required to order the Shoebox will only be processed by the King Baudouin Foundation for the purpose of your donation and for fiscal certifications when appliable. This information will at no time be received or processed in any other way by Deloitte, Colruyt Group, Les Samaritains, or the Belgian Federation of Food Banks. For more information on how the King Baudouin Foundation processes your personal data, please consult the Privacy Notice on their website.