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1 in 4 young graduates at Deloitte opt for a MINI Electric

Deloitte Belgium orders 140 MINI Electric to meet growing demand for electric cars: largest order of MINI Electric in Europe to date

Brussels, 3 September 2021

A growing number of young Belgians is opting for electric company vehicles. Among young graduates at Deloitte 26% today chooses a fully electric car. To meet this growing demand, Deloitte Belgium has placed an order for 140 Electric MINIs. This makes Deloitte’s order the largest to date in Europe, according to data by BMW. Next to its investments in electric cars and EV-infrastructure, Deloitte also invests actively in flexible mobility packages for its employees to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2030.

Deloitte added its first 100 MINI Electrics to its fleet of company cars in August 2020. Today, the firm announces an expansion of this electric fleet with another 140 electric MINIs, bringing the total number of E-MINIs to 240. Deloitte’s electric MINIs – with their signature green rear-view mirrors – are a particularly popular choice among new joiners. One in four young graduates at Deloitte Belgium – employees who start their career at Deloitte – chose an electric MINI for their company car as of June 2021. In total, Deloitte ordered 540 new MINIs since June 2021.

The rising popularity of electric cars at Deloitte coincides with the increased popularity of hybrid vehicles at the firm. Since June 2021, electric and hybrid cars together account for 88% of all newly ordered company cars at Deloitte Belgium. This showcases a clear shift in employee preference towards sustainable alternatives for classic, combustion cars. Next to its purchase of electric cars, Deloitte Belgium has also invested heavily in supporting infrastructure for EVs. The firm currently has 540 EV and PHEV charging stations installed in its offices across Belgium.

Carbon neutral by 2030

Next to electric and hybrid company cars, Deloitte Belgium also offers its employees a wide range of flexible mobility packages to encourage them to use sustainable transport for their commutes. These packages can include (electric) cars, but also offer employees the option to choose for multimodal mobility options including public transport, bikes, and/or shared mobility services.

“All of our investments in sustainable mobility fit in with Deloitte Belgium’s ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030. Since our car fleet accounts for 70% of our carbon footprint, all minor or major steps forward in greenifying commutes takes us closer to carbon neutrality. This is why we launched a dedicated mobility programme in 2017. We also have a solid and long-lasting collaboration with MINI, and I am pleased to work together with them to increase the popularity of electric cars at Deloitte. The fact that one in four of our young joiners today chooses an electric car, makes me confident that we’re on the right track to make Deloitte an absolute pioneer in sustainable mobility”, says Piet Vandendriessche, CEO of Deloitte Belgium.

“Sustainability has been at the heart of MINI for many years. From its inception, the MINI has been the clear example of a car that does more with less. With the complete electrification of the MINI brand by 2030, we are making a clear statement more than ever. The fact that a player like Deloitte, for whom reducing their CO² footprint is key in their sustainability strategy, has been relying on us for 13 years, proves that we are on the right track. Electrification is the new chapter in the sustainability story that we are writing together”, concludes Eddy Haesendonck, CEO BMW Group Belux.

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