From data to dashboard in one day

Would you like to get a broad overview of and gain valuable insights into your sales, operations or margin? Transform your data into insights through a visual and meaningful dashboard.

SMEs and family-owned enterprises have access to more and more data through ERP, CRM or other systems. Data that can be used to gain insights and take targeted decisions, preferably in a visual, interactive and mobile way.

In our experience, however, the use of this data is limited to static lists and unusable Excel summations. Sometimes an IT expert is even needed to interpret the data.

Move from data to dashboard in one day

Contact us and we will:

  • Determine a specific data domain.
  • Visualise your data in one day.
  • Provide you with answers to pertinent questions concerning a domain of your choosing (e.g. sales, operations).
  • Help you define actions to strenghten your business controlling processes.

Feel the power of our 3D approach

Data: limit and define

A week in advance of our visit, you will be contacted by one of our consultants by phone. Together you will determine which business domain will be treated during the workshop and which dataset you will need to prepare. The latter is necessary because good preparation provides a solid foundation for a good result.

Design: your story in a visual language

We will spend one day at your offices and start working with a self-service BI tool. For this workshop, we will use Qlik or Microsoft Power BI, both evaluated as leading BI tools by Gartner’s Magical Quadrant. Our trained experts will use your data and combine it to capture the most important insights. These insights will be validated with you and refined together.

Discover: gain new insights

Two weeks later, we will visit you again to discuss your experiences and to find out how you can gain new insights by strenghtening your business controlling processes.

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