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Project Performance Monitor

For construction companies, contractors, architects and engineering agencies, it is essential to continuously manage projects and their profitability. Project related data are commonly present in the organisation, but they are not always used to follow up on and to evaluate projects, to avoid project risks, and to get a general overview of the current and future project margins.

Do you have the following questions, but cannot answer them on the spot?

  • How many hours have been spent on active projects over the past few weeks?
  • Which projects are evolving towards failure?
  • How does my project profitability vary according to project type?
  • Is the project margin sufficient to cover the fixed costs?

Effective and efficient project management

Our Project Performance Monitor proactively manages your margin-driven project organisation using the right financial and operational insights to the various stakeholders, supported by a powerful project reporting tool. Together with you, we discuss active and completed projects from a helicopter perspective. Our insights help us define actions for each individual project, which allows you to continuously manage the profitability of your project.

Quick Scan

The set-up and roll-out of the Project Performance Monitor starts with a review of your margin driven project organisation. Using interviews and workshops with you and various key users, we detect your needs and the risks inherent to the current way of working. We draw up a plan of approach for the set-up and roll-out of the financial and operational project reporting. This is necessary because good preparation provides a solid foundation for a good result.


By means of predefined reporting templates, we have our sector knowledge and experience immediately at hand. Once the required project related data has been collected, as determined in the Quick Scan, our trained experts optimise the reporting environment. We then provide you with a short training, which will enable you to use the reporting tool without any assistance.


We coach you and your team to proactively manage your organisation by means of data through a periodic process of project controlling and discussion concerning the profitability of your projects. We periodically update the project reporting and discuss this with you and your project leaders. We are your financial partner and your sounding board. Together with you, we continue to further professionalise your margin-driven project organisation.


What impact will this have on your organisation?

  • Generate more insights into your projects and organisation
  • Increase internal efficiency
  • Save time and money

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