Why you should consider to start working as a legal consultant at Deloitte Accountancy?

Maxime Van Gestel tells you why!

While finishing my master in social law, the search began for a varied and challenging job with a lot of client contact and colleagues. At Deloitte, I found my fit!

Variety is something we definitely get in our job as legal consultant social law. On a daily basis we are supporting clients with the recruitment of personnel, company closures or retirements of an employee.

One day we are advising our client on how to motivate and attract competent employees by working out a flex reward plan that meets their needs or looking for a way to optimize the existing salary packages. The day after, we could be drafting working regulations, employment agreements, car policies, … tailor-made to the client and adapted to the different sectoral obligations.

Variety is something you definitely get as legal consultant social law.

It’s amazing how wide the field of social law actually is. There are also a lot of connections with other fields like tax, accounting, commercial law, corporate law, …. The fun part is the interaction with colleagues specialised in those other fields. As legal consultant we are constantly learning, trying to be on top of the latest news regarding social law, the constantly changing legislation but also by interacting with colleagues of other teams.

Within Deloitte Private we work for private companies and SMEs. A lot of clients are located within the region your office. This makes it easy to schedule meetings to tackle all social issues and provide tailor-made advice. We also have a regional operation within our North-East team. On a regular basis some of the Antwerp team members visit the Hasselt office and once a week the Hasselt members join the Antwerp team, to collaborate and learn from each other. We also frequently visit the Leuven office to team up and connect. This provides even more variation during the workweek and before you know, it’s Friday again.

Apart from the variation within the job, there are also activities on a regular basis to connect with colleagues in other settings. This could be a short lunch or after work drink, but also a Christmas themed party, summer BBQ event or even a sports event.

All of this makes it easy to create an impact, deliver meaningful work, be challenged every day and work as one team!

If you’re attracted by all of this and especially to social law, you’re more than welcome in our social team!

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