It's your business. Take control!

The role of the controlling team has impressively evolved. Currently, it's expected to be a trusted business partner that brings value to the whole organisation. An efficient and effective team aligns finance and business, identifies and manages risks and calculates opportunities to make market.

Foresee challenges that may arise

In the current business environment, planning & budgeting are high on the agenda. Businesses continuously evolve and adapt to meet the opportunities posed by new emerging technologies, new business processes, new financial instruments and changing regulatory frameworks.

Effective controlling nowadays involves:

  • Expertise in business knowledge, industry knowledge, compliance, ERP/ BI system knowledge, controlling operations
  • Resources with pro-active behavior, communication skills, teamplayer attitude, analytic spirit, autonomy, flexibility, management skills, quality/result driven mindset, facilitation skills
  • Process improvement, operational efficiency
  • Implementation of analytics, big data processing, reporting & dashboards, innovative solutions

Through tailored solutions Deloitte's Controlling Services supports you in defining your needs and identifies key success factors to optimise the controlling process.

How can we help?

Deloitte's Controlling Services can enrich and support your Controlling team to become a trusted business partner bringing value to your entire organisation.

Our offering covers a large range of services to assist you in maximising the efficiency and accuracy of your Controlling Department:

  • Manage peaks and troughs of your controlling business cycle
  • Prevent you from understaffing
  • Boosting team performance by add-on controlling expertise
  • Optimise the effectiveness of your Controlling department
  • Temporary supply of management resources and skills to drive your controlling activities
  • Short to long term assignment of a proven experienced controlling expert to manage the period of transition, crisis or change within your organisation

Our Controlling experts are passionate about the best practices they encountered along the path of their career. Through constant training on the different industry evolutions and the integration in the international Deloitte network they are able to provide you relevant insights and a strong point of view.

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