Credit Management  

Because a sale is a gift until it is paid

Finding an ideal balance between risk appetite and potential earnings, to enhance working capital, and measure performance in a fast-moving digitised environment is where Deloitte credit management makes an impact that matters.

Identify risks and opportunities

In order to provide real tangible impact we take time to understand your business strategy so we can identify major risks and opportunities beyond the traditional approach of credit management.

Our consultants with an extended focus on the current trends and technologies deliver strategic and tactical credit management services to the highest standards of independence tailored to your unique situation.

We can help with:

  • Identification of potential pitfalls in your industry by an in-dept scan of your credit processes, with recommendations on how to obtain an optimal order-to-cash process.
  • Enhanced ad-interim support to assure business continuity taloired to your specific needs.
  • Customized in-depth trainings that will help you to optimise your current credit management knowledge center.
  • Implementation of technology and credit management tools that meet your volume of needs.  

Optimise your credit mangement

Our service line offers comprehensive designed end-to-end industry solutions that help clients optimise order-to-cash processes, determine acceptable levels of exposure and risk, implement controls and provide ongoing measurement of process maturity.

Combined with the right ingredient mix of financial, control, technology and risk management we deliver strong optimisations that lay in the heart of the credit management strategy.

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Whether you are seeking to optimise your internal processes, objectively select and implement credit management software or enhanced ad-interim support, our emphasis is on delivering effective solutions tailored towards your specific need.

Integrated within Deloitte’s international network our professionals are defined by their drive to care about the well-being of your business and to make real tangible optimisations with respect to personal communication and commercial instinct.

Contact Steven Doms and learn how our credit management approach can empower your daily business!

Steven Doms

Steven Doms

Partner | Accountancy | BPS - FRO

Steven holds Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Fiscal matters. He followed a Deloitte Leadership programme at Henley Business School. He is responsible for the development of the BPS services in the... More