Financial Resources Outsourcing

A made-to-measure solution for your company

Financial resources

A made-to-measure solution for your company

Today, many companies need more and more financial specialists. But they don’t need them all the time. Instead, the demand for resources surges to meet the requirements of specific projects, for example, a new IT implementation, a reporting deadline or an IFRS adaptation.

Our Financial Resources team is able to deliver rapidly temporary solutions according to your needs. Experienced administrative employees or specialists in accountancy and financial management will come and reinforce your team, not only executing tasks but also offering solutions and recommendations.

Flexible support for your finance department

A team of flexible and committed employees is ready to fill such positions as: (chief) accountant, finance manager, cost accountant, budget planner, financial planner, controller, project manager, treasury manager, debtor manager, reporting manager, consolidation specialist, audit and administrative employee.

Today, many companies need more and more financial specialists to meet the requirements of specific projects (a new IT implementation, a reporting deadline or an IFRS adaptation). Deloitte BPS rapidly delivers temporary solutions according to your needs.


Key to successful sourcing

Many Belgian companies are facing shortages of financial staff these days. The number of suitable graduates has not kept pace with exploding demand. Although outsourcing can be the ideal solution, many resource suppliers see it as though it were a matter of simply ticking off an HR shopping list.

The experiences of numerous companies have shown that this approach can be a recipe for disaster.

Our Financial Resources team can bring structural solutions based on a “co-sourcing” approach. This is a partnership where all parties together are responsible for the success of the project. Outsourcing can suggest that a company is ceding control of processes to an external party. By contrast, co-sourcing emphasizes the involvement of both parties.

We provide you with our high quality in-house professionals, carefully choosing the right person for the right job. In our ten years of experience, we’ve learned that this is the key to a successful outcome.


Controlling co-sourcing

Controlling co-sourcing is part of our Financial Resources and Outsourcing division. Our experienced professionals can cover all aspects and projects related to the controlling environment. Next to the knowledge on larger ERP and BI applications, we have in-dept industry knowledge. These services include:

  • Interim controlling management
  • Controlling outsourcing
  • Business analyst outsourcing

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Hans Govaert

Hans Govaert

Partner | Accountancy | HRO - FRO

Hans Govaert has more than 20 years’ experience in Finance, Accounting & Controlling. He fulfilled Senior Finance positions in different international companies and owns relevant industry expertise in... More

Steven Doms

Steven Doms

Partner | Accountancy | BPS - FRO

Steven holds Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Fiscal matters. He followed a Deloitte Leadership programme at Henley Business School. He is responsible for the development of the BPS services in the... More