High performing financial teams

Finance needs to leverage digital tools to reach the next level of operational excellence.

Transforming finance in a digital world

Our clients consult us for questions such as:

  • How can I increase the efficiency of the registration of my purchase invoices, payments and expense notes?
  • How can I improve the administrative procurement process within my organisation without losing control?
  • Should I start with e-invoicing?
  • How can I shorten the lead time of my statutory and management reports?
  • How can I manage our stock and connect with my statutory bookkeeping?
  • How can I improve the collaboration within the teams throughout our organisation?
  • How can I do more with less?

Digital tools for finance

We will help you to upgrade your administration by selecting and implementing the best tools and processes. Optimising the use of technology in key administrative processes and leveraging new digital tools, like process robotics, cloud ERP, advanced analytics, etc, can help your team reach the next level in operational excellence.

Our process consultants will coach your teams to transform the administrative processes and actively take up the role of change agent within your organisation.

As we work mainly for SMEs and family businesses, we like to take on this challenge in a pragmatic and hands-on way.

Some examples of our services:

  • Running digital finance discovery workshops to work towards a digital finance transformation roadmap
  • Setting up an efficient finance administration by leveraging technology
  • Helping you implement a cloud ERP solution
  • Shortening your closing process in order to decrease the lead time of your financial reports
  • Transitioning a paper-driven project organisation into a digital, more collaborative project organisation
  • Guiding you to implement a connected stock application for small wholesale companies

New collaboration technologies do more than just digitise old ways of doing things; they make new ways of doing things possible.

Want to tranform to a digital finance organisation? Contact one of our experts:

Ulrike Debels

Ulrike Debels


Ulrike is specialised in supporting family owned companies that are in need of structural management insights or who want to accelerate the efficiency of their finance team. Hereby, the use of technol... More