HR Generalist

An integrated portfolio of HR services to all employees

The HR Generalist function encompasses an operational support and assistance in a broad scope of HR specialisations, ranging from employees relations and retention, talent acquisition, compensation & benefits and the design of HR policies and initiatives. Acting as a partner in driving and implementing organisational transformations, a competent HR generalist is often required to be a detail-oriented multitasker, taking responsibility for both strategic as well as more mundane administrative tasks to address all issues along the employee life cycle.

Foresee challenges that may arise

  • The rapid evolution of HR software and systems force generalists to enhance their technical competences in order to complement their more traditional background.
  • Employee well-being and engagement form a vital component in the employee journey.
  • HR analytical insights prove to be factors driving performance, but most companies are not ready yet to fully capitalise on people analytics.
  • With retention a key aspect of a stable, consistent growth, organisations need to rethink their learning models to allow their workforce to build new skills quick and easily.
  • Issues around equality, inclusion and perceived injustice at the workplace continue to frustrate and challenge employers.
  • A complete overhaul of the current appraisal and employee performance programs is unavoidable to reward and cater for the needs of the top performers.

We can support your company's success in the following areas

Our consultants are driven individuals, each with their own record of accomplishment, more than capable to assist in coping with the diverse difficulties you face in running your HR department. During a short or long-term assignment, they will contribute in the following topics:

  • Deploying policies and initiatives established by HR specialists
  • Consulting with internal stakeholders around employee relation issues
  • Supporting the recruiters in sourcing talent for long-term acquisition
  • Handling employee files and assisting with the payroll cycle
  • Driving and implementing learning programs and development opportunities