HR Outsourcing

You have the job. We have the professionals.

In today’s competitive and rapidly changing world, HR departments are under tremendous pressure. To help HR departments, Deloitte Human Resources Outsourcing offers an array of flexible solutions: from short-term, ad-hoc support to fully outsourced solutions, staffed with HR professionals carefully selected and trained by Deloitte.

When is an HR Outsourcing solution the right answer?

  • Your organisation is in transition.
  • You are recruiting a permanent employee, but meanwhile the job has to be done.
  • You must replace someone during an absence due to illness, maternity leave or secondment to a specific project.
  • You need the on-site assistance of an HR expert to drive and implement change.
  • You are setting up a new HR department or integrating multiple departments during a merger or acquisition.
  • You are dealing with reorganisation and crisis management, including social negotiations.
  • You have a workload peak, such as a performance-review period or recruitment campaign.
  • During a major HR systems or transformation project you need on-site operational assistance along with the advising consultants.
  • You temporarily need specific HR knowledge for a particular operational focus.

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A flexible plug-in solution

You may require one or several people for part-time or full-time assignments on a time and material basis. Alternatively, our HR Outsourcing team can provide structural solutions based on a co-sourcing approach. This is a long term collaboration where together we are responsible for the success of the project. While outsourcing can suggest that a company is ceding control of its processes to an external party, our co-sourcing solutions emphasise the involvement of both parties.

the HRO buying process

First contact Bios Meet consultants Get to work!
Get in touch so we can discuss your specific needs, expectations from Deloitte HRO, project scope, and establish an actionable timeframe.
You will be sent personal employment history bios of available consultants with skills that match your needs. Set up a time to meet with our consultants. This can be done by phone, video conference, or face-to-face. After selecting the consultant(s) that best fit your needs, we agree on a date to get started!

Benefits of Deloitte HR Outsourcing

  • Speed
    As little as a few days between initial briefing and the start of the assignment.
  • Immediately operational
    Our professionals hit the ground running. They know what is expected of them and have the right skills and experience.
  • Flexibility
    Assignments can last from a few weeks up to several years.
  • Quality
    Our rigorous selection process, training, systematic knowledge-sharing and unique human capital knowledge base ensure you always have the most highly qualified people.

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Els D'hauwer

Els D'hauwer

Partner | Accountancy | BPS - HRO

Els is responsible for the day to day management of HR Outsourcing; temporary operational support at the client’s premises that covers all HR functionalities. Today, in her position as Partner, her ro... More