Clear strategic direction

Our strategy consultants help your SME to fine-tune your strategy and define your growth plans.

Corporate strategy

Assisting in defining the long term vision for you organisation, namely in which markets will we play, how will we be different in those markets and what is the impact on your internal operations. The strategic vision could be inspired to foster further growth, to realize a turnaround or to create alignment in the organisation about the long term planning.

Customer strategy

Defining the go-to-market strategy to bring your services/products to the market. This means that the right market channels need to be assessed and being aligned with the right customer segments on which the SME focusses. This includes also the assessment of your online and offline approach to bring the services/products to the market.

Innovation strategy

We offer multidisciplinary support regarding innovation. Our group of specialists help companies to become more innovative through organization of innovation and ideation processes. The team is specialized in supporting innovators to create, capture and deliver value by transforming ideas into concepts and generating revenue. The broad services consist of innovation process design, business case development, innovation bootcamps, etc. Briefly the expert team helps in identify the idea’s and assists in growing the idea to the business of tomorrow.

Family strategy & governance

Define the corporate strategy aligned with family vision and values. This process is key in generation switches in the organisation to ensure the company strategy remains in line with the expectations from the family in order to ensure a smooth handover to the upcoming generation. We assist in aligning the strategies in line with family expectation and help defining the right governance structure to run the family owned company.

Post M&A strategy

We assist in the post merger integration to ensure strategic alignment between the different parties in order to realize the added value after the merge. Furthermore we develop the plan to ensure a smooth integration after the strategic mutual vision is defined.

Business model review

We assist SME’s to challenge their current business model in order to be ready for tomorrow. Based on market research, we fine-tune the current way of working to ensure that the business model could still support the future market expectations.

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Bruno Peelaers

Bruno Peelaers

Partner, Accountancy

Bruno leads our end-to-end strategy services for Deloitte Private, acting as a trusted advisor to private companies on a daily basis. He aligns with owners and/or management teams to define the strate... More