Tax & Legal Services

Our tax and legal experts give Belgian SMEs hands-on and accurate advice on Belgian taxation and legal matters.

Tax review/audit

We advise on all fiscal matters, especially on all tax-related compliance work, as well as on VAT and the combination of VAT-ERP, which remain important issues for most SMEs.

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Corporate legal management

We advise on all aspects of corporate law, including notorial acts (establishments, constitutions, by-laws, mergers, acquisitions, reorganisations, etc.), legal secretary, stakeholder agreements and reporting.

Cross-border tax advisory

With this offering the focus is on SMEs who want to invest abroad and are involved in cross-border transactions. We advise on fiscal structures, compensations, indirect tax and social security.

Franco-Belge desk

Working with colleagues from Deloitte France in a dedicated, specialist team we can assist and advise business owners and companies on all accounting, tax and legal aspects of doing business and investing (privately or professionally) in France.

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Real estate project advisory

We help SMEs with the optimal structuring of company and family real estate projects.

Private governance

Estate planning is just one of the aspects that are important in preserving the private patrimony of clients. Private governance for the company owner and his family is just as important as corporate governance for the company. At the end a well- structured and successful transition of family assets and companies is our goal.

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Compensation and benefits

Business leaders, top employees and personnel within an SME all require a specific approach and efficient planning. This includes fiscal and social planning, drafting contracts and in-depth social law consultancy.

SME M&A tax & legal advisory

We advise and guide mergers and acquisitions of SMEs both before, during and after the M&A transaction, focusing on all tax, legal and deal- making aspects.

Commercial law & co-sourcing

We advise CFOs and chief accountants of SMEs on all commercial agreements and support them on an administrative level to ensure all legal matters are efficiently taken care of.