Transparency report 2023

As an audit firm that carries out statutory audits of the annual accounts or consolidated accounts of, among others, public interest entities, we are publishing this annual transparency report in accordance with the requirements of the European Union’s Regulation 537/2014 on specific requirements regarding statutory audit of public-interest entities and in compliance with article 23 of the law of 7 December 2016 organizing the profession and the public oversight of statutory auditors.

Transparency report 2023

All information provided in this report relates to the situation of Deloitte Bedrijfsrevisoren/Réviseurs d’Entreprises on 31 May 2023, except if indicated otherwise.

Transparantieverslag 2023

Tenzij anders aangegeven heeft alle informatie verstrekt in dit verslag betrekking op de situatie van Deloitte Bedrijfsrevisoren op 31 mei 2023.

Rapport de transparence 2023

Sauf indication contraire, toutes les informations contenues dans ce rapport on trait à la situation de Deloitte Réviseurs d'Entreprises au 31 mai 2023.

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