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A career in Audit & Assurance?

Solving problems, offering expert insights. This is Audit & Assurance!

Do you want to gain fundamental and invaluable knowledge about the way businesses work? Do you want to build confidence in an ever-changing and complex world? Are you passionate about turning numbers into useful insights? If you have an analytical mind, love delving into the details but never lose sight of the big picture, then we’re looking for you. You’ll enjoy fun and fulfilling experiences where you can broaden your knowledge, and expect the unexpected.

You’ll want to jump out of bed every morning!

A career in audit & assurance is truly full of unexpected moments. No two days are the same. Work means a spectrum of projects, clients and industries from automotive to big pharma to public institutions to privately-owned companies. If you’re always up for a challenge, then audit & assurance is right up your alley.

What can you do in Audit & Assurance?

A lot more than you might think. Audit & assurance is about much more than just the numbers. You’ll travel to various client sites to get a detailed understanding of their business, identify key risks and design strategies to mitigate them. Each industry is faced with a different set of risks, so working on multiple engagements your learning curve will be very steep. But auditing financial statements is just the start. In a quickly changing and complex world, where new risks emerge all the time, you will get to actively explore new points of view and fresh ways to generate valuable insights. The best part is that you’ll work in a young and dynamic team who are inspired to achieve incredible things together.

What’s different about Auditing today at Deloitte?

There aren’t many jobs where you can get to see under the hood of businesses to see how things are done. From day one, you’ll work at clients and have a close-up view on how companies run from the inside out – this alone is worth its weight in gold in terms of on-the-job training and fast-tracking your career.

From the start, you’ll also be able to work on a variety of assurance projects and build trust ever-changing and complex world for your clients. If you discover that’s where your interest lies, you will have the opportunity to specialise in assurance work.

Even better, at Deloitte we continually push forward to define what is next. Smart audit-related technologies are letting us work in ways that weren’t possible a few years ago. Drone and blockchain technology are automating and standardising processes, so you’re freer to think creatively, solve problems and offer deeper insights to clients.  In order words, the important stuff.

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