Meet our boomerangs

Deloitte Alumni profile series

Our talent is one of the most important assets at Deloitte, and this does not end when people decide to discover new opportunities outside the firm. Continuing a relationship and leveraging the alumni network can be a great way to stay in touch with former employees - and eventually welcome them back.

Boomerangs bring back newfound knowledge and skills, a fresh perspective, novel ideas and experiences and an expanded network.

Hear from our boomerangs

Hear from our returners

How long did you work for Deloitte before leaving and when did you return?

Having worked at Deloitte for 15 years, I then took up new challenges including Director of Finance, Administration & IT, tax consultant and member of a Board of Directors before re-joining Deloitte in May 2018.

How did being an Alumni support you during your time away?

Over the years, I remained in close contact with Deloitte by being invited to client seminars and keeping in touch with colleagues.

What competencies did you bring back with you?

My experiences broadened my skillset as part of the management team responsible for key areas of an organisation. This strengthened my understanding of servicing clients that is beneficial in my current role as a trusted business advisor role for Deloitte Private.

Why did you make the decision to leave Deloitte?

I believe that working in a new environment makes you a better consultant since I experienced how it feels to “walk in their shoes”.

How was your connection with Deloitte Alumni helpful during your time away?

When I left the company for a new challenge, I still had regular contact with colleagues from Deloitte, both from Audit and Risk Advisory.

How was your assimilation back in the firm?

Once I decided to come back to Deloitte, the re-integration was very quick because I knew most of the people and I was familiar with the culture . In fact, it feels like I never left.

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