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You can help organisations imagine, deliver, and run their supply networks to address tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. We use our unrivalled multi-disciplinary capability to generate critical insights, optimise business processes, and automate supply chain activities across the value chain. We are committed to helping our clients plan for today and for the future.

Drive successful change

If you would like to help organisations make informed, intelligent and insightful decisions to maximise opportunities and improve their performance, we have the right job for you.

We apply our knowledge on projects in Belgium and abroad to improve supply chain planning, activities, and processes. Our teams lead and deliver complex transformation projects and improvement initiatives. We are all about value, trust and successful transformations.

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Farah El Youssoufi

Farah El Youssoufi

Senior Recruitment Officer

As a Senior Recruitment Officer Farah is responsible for the sourcing, recruitment and selection of experienced candidates for Consulting profiles. You may contact her for any job opportunities.... More