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Learning and development

A culture of continuous learning

The ever-changing needs of our profession, will require you to constantly challenge yourself and acquire a continuous learning attitude. At Deloitte, we like to invest in our talent! Therefore, we have put the necessary tools in place to support you in your development throughout your career at Deloitte.

On the job learning

We strongly believe that people can learn the most during their daily activities. Therefore, our main focus is to stimulate you to learn by doing.

Our multidisciplinary practices coupled with the wide range of industries we serve, can open up an infinite number of career options for you. It is our aim to actively support you to get the most out of your time at Deloitte:

  • Deloitte Belgium is part of a global network of member firms: you will have access to excellent communities of practice (f.e. Yammer groups)
  • Deloitte’s coaching culture
    We are working hard to make Deloitte a true coaching organization in which we learn from each other’s experiences and that allows us to unlock the full potential of our people. Learn more about coaching
  • Deloitte’s performance management approach: 
    Everybody at Deloitte is assigned a counsellor with whom you can discuss your performance and career plans
  • In addition, multiple other initiatives will encourage you to learn, grow, and develop yourself continuously

Training programs

  • On top of this, we complement on the job learning with a wide array of specific training programs, tailored to your needs. 
  • When joining Deloitte, you're likely to develop your technical skills. Depending on the business area you’ll join, you might be offered to follow beginner or expert courses on VAT, SAP, Lean Six Sigma, pricing, business modelling, BE GAAP, etc.
  • We also have a wide array of non-technical trainings available for you. These range from Microsoft office, presentation skills, writing skills to time management (basic to advanced)
  • Depending on your own specific needs and career goal setting, Deloitte offers you the possibility to follow external courses, for example earning an additional master’s degree or an MBA. 
  • Furthermore, you will have 24/7 access to digital learning content, including 60 000 hours of e-learnings, unlimited access to our online library of over 10 000 books, videos, webinars, etc. These are focused on topics ranging from finance, sales, industry awareness, client advocacy, to people management and leadership.

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Deloitte University EMEA

Deloitte University

As a matter of fact, we take your learning so seriously, that we have created Deloitte University: a place where you will have the opportunity to attend world-class training programs.

Find out more here!

A place for current Deloitte leaders to inspire and develop the next generation

A rich and varied career is a fulfilling one. Our aim is to support you in achieving your ambitions. We are behind you all the way!

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