Facility & Procurement Officer

Job description

Join our team and help raise Deloitte’s profile and deliver services and support that help ensure that all Deloitters enjoy their work environment and are able to effectively and efficiently carry out their tasks.

Your team

As a member of the Facilities & Procurement team, you will provide services that make the work environment suitable and comfortable, allowing Deloitte employees to focus on their tasks. Achieving operational excellence by raising Deloitte’s profile, finding green options, and evolving all Facilities services are part of the team’s day-to-day work.

Applications are closed

Stay tuned and apply in the future.

Your role

As a Facility & Procurement Officer, you will work in one of the three teams, each with their own focus:

  • Procurement & fleet ensures that the purchasing processes run smoothly and the suppliers are managed in the best way possible, but they also take care of our car park (from insurances to car order and maintenance to road safety programmes).
  • Facilities provides building maintenance, repairs, leasehold improvements, moves and building related projects eg. opening new offices.
  • Hospitality & travel provides reception services and parking services. They also organise VIP meetings, coordinate internal and external events, and coordinate the services offered by our catering partner.

Related junior positions:
  • Fleet Officer
  • Receptionist
  • Procurement Administrator
  • Facility Assistant

Your future

Depending on the team you start within, you can choose either to become an Expert or a Team lead/Manager.