Christmas Survey 2017

What will Christmas have in store for Belgians this year?

Belgians are regaining optimism compared to last year, especially when it comes to their spending power.

This is good news. And although Belgians continue to be more cautious than their European counterparts, young people and men are clearly more enthusiastic about the economy than women and the elderly.

Christmas is still the season to eat, drink and give gifts

Largely the same as last year. In fact, Belgian households intend to spend the same amount on year-end festivities as they did last year (432 EUR instead of 430 EUR). This is a little less than the average European who will spend 445 EUR. As in previous years, most of the Christmas budget will be devoted to gifts and food and drinks. It clearly confirms the trend observed in the past few years across all European countries that people enjoy sharing Christmas dinner together and exchanging gifts.

Christmas Survey 2017

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