What is the Belgium Best Managed Companies programme?

The Best Managed Companies programme coaches and recognises privately controlled and managed companies in Belgium that are operating at the highest levels of business performance.

The programme

The Best Managed Companies programme coaches and awards privately controlled and managed companies that are operating at the highest levels of business performance.

Best Managed Companies was established in Canada in 1993 where it has been run successfully ever since, and has become the country’s leading business awards programme. In addition to Canada, Best Managed Companies has been introduced in Ireland, the Netherlands, Chile and Mexico and key markets such as Australia, France, Italy, the UK, the US and China are planning to roll out the programme. Over time, there will be a global dimension to the programme to bring Best Managed Companies together across borders and to foster international collaboration in the private market.

Best Managed Companies is a programme that aims to challenge and recognise the overall strength of successful privately owned companies, while guiding and recognising their leadership teams. The Best Managed Company title can be awarded for several consecutive years to the same company and the awarded companies become part of a strong community of the best. The programme is based on a proven global framework in which management abilities and practices are assessed in the following domains: clear strategy, strong capabilities, company commitment, and financial performance.

The programme was launched in Belgium in the autumn of 2017.

What makes Belgium Best Managed Companies programme unique?

  • Focuses on Belgian privately owned and managed companies
  • Recognises overall business performance and sustained growth
  • Recognises the efforts of the entire organisation
  • Measures more than financial performance
  • Gives insights into best practices, which are shared during the application process
  • Laureates become part of a global community of Best Managed Companies

What constitutes a Best Managed Company?

Deloitte has found that four leading practices are adopted by Best Managed Companies and set them apart from the average and ensure they sustain exceptional performance.

An independent jury of academics and entrepreneurs evaluates applicants against the following criteria:


Best Managed Companies apply a formal methodology for strategy development, execute strategy through strong governance, implement programme management and metrics to measure progress, and clearly and consistently communicate the strategy internally and externally.


Best Managed Companies seek to think differently relative to their competitors and focus on embracing innovation and efficiency, develop skills through partnerships, and focus on attracting and retaining the right people internally.


Best Managed Companies focus on building a ‘one-team’ culture, promote desired behaviour through an effective performance management process and holistic compensation package, and address succession planning by investing in the NextGen.


Best Managed Companies grow and maintain strong P&L and balance sheets, apply key customised metrics, install a mature reporting system to drive business decisions, and build and sustain strong relationships with financial stakeholders.

Best Managed Lab Experience

Throughout the years, the Best Managed Companies methodology has been further developed and the insights gained are bundled to develop a world class workshop: the Best Managed Lab Experience.

This immersive one-day experience is designed to enable leaders to gain valuable insights into their business.

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What’s in it for your company?

There are obvious benefits to receiving any award but the Belgium Best Managed Companies label offers some unique opportunities.

The benefit of applying

That’s right, you benefit even if you are not selected!

  • Guidance from Deloitte professionals to conduct a detailed self-analysis of your business, focusing on strategic and operational issues, and to help you complete the Best Managed Companies questionnaire
  • Shine a light on current best practices and areas for improvement
  • Professional development at the Belgium Best Managed Companies Convention featuring the latest in business leadership and cutting-edge thinking

The benefit of receiving the label

All the benefits of applying, plus more if you are one of the Best Managed Companies!

  • Obtaining an independent and credible quality label (exclusive use of the Belgium Best Managed Companies designation) for your organisation
  • Extensive media and online exposure
  • Access to networking opportunities with other exceptional business leaders to learn from peers and best practices
  • Benchmark your organisation against other strong private companies
  • Strengthened ability to attract and retain talent
  • Recognition by business influencers at an exclusive gala celebration
  • Celebrate the efforts and commitment of your entire company

Who can apply?

Application criteria

Companies wishing to enter the programme must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  • Turnover in excess of €10 million
  • Established for at least five years
  • More than 25 full-time employees
  • Majority stake (> 60%) owned by Belgian residents or entities
  • HQ or major decision centre in Belgium (operations can be abroad)
  • Fully compliant from legal, tax and ethical perspective
  • Managing finances effectively, adapting to changing market conditions, over the past three financial years
  • Strong governance structure (cfr. active advisory board/board of directors)

Companies that do not yet meet all the programme criteria can take part in the Best Managed Labs

The following companies are ineligible:

Credit institutions, banks, insurance companies, co-ops, SEC (Securities and exchange commission) regulated companies (e.g. SEC registrants and their affiliates), companies active in the gambling industry, Belgian subsidiaries of foreign multinationals, government-owned entities/public sector agencies, charities and not-for-profit organisations and their affiliates and subsidiaries. 

For more information on eligibility, please contact

Belgium Best Managed Companies

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