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Resilience is part of the DNA of Best Managed Companies. With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting lives, economies and societies, the focus of the 2020 Belgium Best Managed Companies programme was the organisational agility that the companies demonstrated in response to coronavirus crisis.

Best Managed Companies show resilience amid COVID-19 pandemic

Led by an internationally proven framework that was launched 27 years ago in Canada, the Best Managed Companies programme supports resilient entrepreneurship and sustainable growth. These qualities are even more relevant in the midst of uncertainty, such as the COVID-19 crisis. For this third edition, 20 Belgian private companies have been recognised for their clear strategy, extensive expertise, commitment, and financial performance by an independent jury. Provan, Zuidnatie, Vandenbussche, Sack Zelfbouw, Stadsbader, Quality by Design, Saey, and Vanheede Environment Group now bear the quality label, joining the 12 requalifiers from 2018 and 2019 that retained the Best Managed Company title.

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Five new firms recognised as Best Managed Companies 

In 2019, the Best Managed Companies theme was teamwork. Best Managed Companies are committed to building a ‘one-team’ culture, which is essential to achieve operational excellence. They build strong leadership teams and develop the leaders of tomorrow. 

The five new firms recognised as Best Managed Companies⁠—Golazo, Soudal Group, Easyfairs, Thomas & Piron and EXKi⁠—were featured in:

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Are you an entrepreneur at heart?

Who has never dreamed of creating a successful business? Bruno Peelaers, director of the Best Managed Companies coaching programme, reveals the five characteristics of a good entrepreneur.

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“Good intentions do not exist on paper only.”

"It is essential that every employee shares the company culture and ambition, especially when you're internationally active," said Dirk Coorevits, CEO of Soudal.

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“Our participation in this programme has had major consequences.”

"We need to further expand our talent pool. We have already initiated many initiatives to attract the millennial generation," said Eric Everard, CEO of Easyfairs.

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“Our Best Managed Companies coach offered us a very thorough coaching.”

"After 40 years of good practice, it was good to translate into words what we do naturally," said Edouard Herinckx, CEO of Thomas & Piron.

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“The Best Managed Companies community is just as important as the recognition.”

"This label is a nice recognition and therefore we cannot rest on our laurels. In sports, it is not about yesterday’s medal, but about the tomorrow’s game," said Bob Verbeeck, CEO of Golazo.

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“A great recognition for our teams.”

“A label such as Belgium Best Managed Companies is an indisputable proof that our company meets all the criteria of good management," said Frédéric Rouvez, CEO of EXKI.

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Interview with jury president Françoise Chombar

The CEO of Melexis is convinced Belgium has many hidden champions. According to Chombar, the Best Managed Companies label gives value to the work done by a company to strengthen its reputation, and encourages its people and management to improve its performance on a permanent basis.

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“Our goal? Reflect together and make Belgian companies stronger.”

In the very first edition of Belgium Best Managed Companies coaching programme, seven companies received the label. "This year, Deloitte Private has partnered up again with Econopolis in the search for medium sized to large private companies that are very well managed," said Bruno Peelaers, Best Managed companies coach and Deloitte Private programme director.

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“This coaching gives you a clear view of the entire company.”

"Throughout the years, one becomes used to business blind spots. Management gains from a reflective moment, to stop and discuss with a Best Managed Companies coach about what you take for granted," said Carl Dewulf, CEO of LVD Company.

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“We reviewed our inventory and risk management.”

"It's not just to 'add a feather to our hat'. With the other distinctions obtained, [the Best Managed Companies label] shows that we are a serious company," said Robert Eyben, CEO of CE+T Power.

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“This label reinforces our questioning culture.”

"I'm always ready for external advice. Participating in the Best Managed Companies programme was the opportunity to benefit from an expert external perspective on our ways of working," said Toni Turi, managing partner of EASI.

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“We want to keep this label.”

“The fact that this is not a competition for the best manager or the best company of the year appeals to me the most. It is an instrument for self-reflection; one can only benefit from it," said Pedro Matthynssens, CEO of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits.

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The launch of the Belgium Best Managed Companies programme was celebrated in 2018. The country’s first Best Managed Companies, seven privately owned and controlled Belgian companies, were recognised for setting the highest standards of business performance.

Belgium offers a unique context for growth

Best Managed Companies not only rewards one successful company, but also presents itself as a business programme where several winners are allowed to carry this title. For these companies, this is a unique opportunity to submit their organisation to the critical eye of a coach.

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Best Managed Companies: benchmark for successful companies

Even if an independent jury will choose the first Best Managed Companies of Belgium on 18 April, Deloitte's business programme already has a strong tradition and solid reputation.

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Best Managed Companies: where are the hidden champions?

In its search for and support of the Best Managed Companies of Belgium, Deloitte relies on the expertise and input of independent partners with a solid reputation: Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and Econopolis.

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Best Managed Companies: building a community of leaders

Which Belgian company excels in the way it works and therefore deserves the Best Managed Company quality label? This question will be answered in April 2018 when Deloitte presents the first awards in our country.

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