The digital quick scan

The corona crisis has accelerated digitisation. For companies, having a clear vision and strategy on how digitisation opportunities can be seized effectively has never been more important. The digital quick scan, developed by Deloitte Private and VOKA, provides the insights organisations need to remain competitive.

Technology can help to detect and market opportunities faster. Together with Deloitte Private, VOKA, the Flemish business association, developed the digital quick scan, a unique tool that helps to map how digitised a company is and drive change successfully.

The digital quick scan is a 'digital 4x4': it offers four strong advantages and focuses on four domains of a company:

  • Does the company have a written strategy for digital transformation? 
  • To what extent is digitisation stimulated within the organisation? 
  • What is the impact of digitisation on the relationship with clients and suppliers? 
  • Is the technological infrastructure scalable to the next level?

Organisations can complete the scan for free, compare their sector with those of their peers and other relevant organisations, obtain tips and tricks on ways of strengthening the digital competitiveness of their business, and receive tailored advice during a follow-up interview.

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