Private Wealth & Family Offices

Achieving ambition. Managing risk. Leaving a rich legacy.

Balancing the everyday needs and objectives of the family with their collective ambition and vision for the future.

When significant wealth is created, it can open up new opportunities as well as new challenges for individuals and their families as they acclimatise to the increased complexities that come with this new world. One of the perennial challenges faced by almost every family and their family office is balancing the desire to preserve wealth through the generations with the income needs and ambitions of the current generation.

These competing, sometimes conflicting, imperatives drive decisions and investment strategies and can extend beyond financial parameters. Achieving the right balance demands a clear, long-term vision, a detailed understanding of the needs and goals of the family and the expertise, experience and reach to develop and implement these strategies.

Helping to solve your most complex private wealth and family office issues

Deloitte’s multi-disciplinary family office team has extensive experience in working with families to achieve their objectives, implement their wealth strategies across the globe, and establish long-term structures fit for the future.

Our suite of offerings has been designed specifically for wealthy families and their family offices. Our aim is to address some of the fundamental questions and achieve clarity around priorities, wants and needs in order to help define and execute an effective strategy that preserves the family’s wealth and legacy into the future.

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The purpose of a family office

The family office is a dedicated solution for the complex management of the family wealth. It is a vehicle that supports the family in the day-to-day administration and management of the family’s affairs and long-term strategy.

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A private family office to ensure and enable continuity

Studies show that companies with a long-term continuity strategy perform better, but only a few invest proactively in continuity. Supporting the family in the day-to-day administration and management of the family’s affairs and long-term strategy, a private family office is a dedicated solution to ensure continuity.

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Communicating for shareholder value and family harmony

Shared experiences create strong family bonds, but they can also cause rifts or complicate family relationships. Communication is essential, especially for families who live and work together. At Deloitte Private, our teams are trained to balance the needs and objectives of the family, and promote healthy communication.

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2019 Family Office Trends

Based on the insights of more than 75 executives of single family offices and subject matter experts at Deloitte’s 2018 Family Office Symposium, our 2019 Family Office Trends report highlights the key issues and concerns of family office executives, and explores some of the evolving themes that are shaping the future of family offices in the UK and beyond.

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The Family Office Handbook

Establishing and operating a family office, or expanding the services of an existing family office, requires careful analysis and planning to properly manage, protect, and grow a family’s wealth. Deloitte’s Family Office Handbook aims to address some of the key questions that may arise along the way, and in turn help the legacy a family has built sustain its interests into the future.

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Next-generation family businesses

Next-generation family businesses: Exploring business ecosystems, a 2018 global study by Deloitte Private, polled 575 current and future family business leaders to investigate their attitudes and actions with respect to the business ecosystems in which they participate.

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Cyber threats to family offices

From sensitive data and investments to connected devices, cyber threats can have a significant impact on the family offices’ finances and reputation, and on the safety of the family themselves. In this report, we identify ten key actions that family offices should consider implementing to prevent, detect and respond to cyber incidents.

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Nikolaas Tahon

Nikolaas Tahon

Chairman Deloitte Belgium

In 2023, Nikolaas accepted a second mandate as Chairman of Deloitte Belgium. He is a member of the Deloitte North and South Europe (NSE) Board. Nikolaas is also an engagement partner for several key D... More

Emmanuel Brehmen

Emmanuel Brehmen

Managing Partner, Deloitte Private

Manu is Managing Partner Deloitte Private. He is a member of the Deloitte Belgium Executive Committee, the Deloitte North and South Europe (NSE) Board, and the Deloitte Belgium Partnership Council. Si... More

Bart Verdickt

Bart Verdickt

Partner, Deloitte Legal

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