Does your company have a detailed end-to-end view of its asset portfolio?

Keep CALM and carry on : Connected Asset Lifecycle Management

Keep CALM and carry on

Connected Asset Lifecycle Management

All utilities companies are under increasing pressure to do more with less, to enhance customer service, to improve the uptime of assets, and to increase predictability of performance.

But most don’t have a detailed, end-to-end view of their asset portfolio.

Not having this view makes it hard to achieve value for money across the asset lifecycle. Indeed, it also prevents companies from establishing a forward-looking view, making it hard for them to predict when assets may fail. This reactive maintenance affects customers more and is costly and disruptive.

A co-ordinated approach is needed to deliver the required change in asset performance and efficiency.

Utilities companies are also being asked to be more customer-focused – with regulators using both carrot and stick to ensure it happens. This means continuity of supply, affordability and customer satisfaction must all be addressed at the same time as, keeping profits up and investors happy.

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