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As a company with a large-scale infrastructure you are highly dependent on the performance of your physical asset base for your daily operations. Your physical assets are the fundamentals of your core business, which is why good asset management is of crucial importance.
NGIN Asset Management covers the different components of your Asset Management system:

Asset Management Maturity Development

We can also help you to increase the Asset Management Maturity within your utility organizations. Click here to find out more about our threefold solution.

Developed for you

Deloitte developed the NGIN Asset Management solution together with its industrial partner Eandis, guaranteeing a pragmatic and proven industry-tailored solution that will help you to overcome the challenges you face and take advantage of the opportunities they create.

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Our solutions

NGIN offers a unique set of industry tailored solutions in five specific domains:

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NGIN Solutions

  1. NGIN Insights (IoT/Analytics)
  2. NGIN Asset Management
  3. NGIN Engineering
  4. NGIN Renewables
  5. NGIN Grid Procurement
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