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Deloitte, in collaboration with its industrial partner Fluvius, launched its Next Generation Infrastructure (NGIN) solutions to help companies with large-scale infrastructures to maximise value creation by optimising asset management, identifying potential digital technologies, and future-proofing grid architecture.

Managing next generation infrastructures

Large-scale infrastructure networks, such as electricity, gas, water and telco, are the cornerstone of economic and social development. These networks are getting more and more connected, and they are becoming more digital (e.g. smart grids, IoT) and multifunctional (e.g. hydrogen transport over gas networks), introducing technical complexity and new challenges with respect to integration and reliability.

At the same time, companies with large-scale infrastructures need to invest significantly in replacing old and building new infrastructures to satisfy future needs. The customer is also starting to play a more central role in these infrastructures (e.g. decentral production of energy), requiring the facilitation of increased customer participation and the emergence of new business models. Finally, regulatory scrutiny related to reliability, cost levels, cyber security and environmental compliance is becoming more intense.

Developed for you

Deloitte developed NGIN solutions together with its industrial partner Fluvius, guaranteeing a pragmatic and proven industry-tailored solution that will help you to overcome the challenges you face and take advantage of the opportunities they create.

About Fluvius

Fluvius is a multi-utility company, offering network solutions for electricity, natural gas, heating and public lighting, telco, and sewage. The company also plays an important social role in achieving climate objectives, fighting against energy poverty and for the independent management of energy data. Fluvius is active in 308 municipalities in Belgium and employs around 5,330 people.

Our NGIN solutions

We offer tailored solutions around the following domains:

1. Insights (IoT/Analytics)
2. Asset Management
3. Data & Information Management
4. Renewables & Engineering
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