M&A community explores direct lending

On 13 December, the M&A community took part in a networking event in Gateway to dive deeper into the development of direct lending in Belgium and Europe.

The Direct Lending industry has grown rapidly since the financial crisis, reaching total assets under management of approximately €594 billion in June 2017. While banks have been forced to change their lending strategies in light of new regulations, non-bank direct lenders have stepped into the breach, providing companies with tailored debt offerings that range from private placements and more traditional senior debt through to unitranche, growth capital and structured equity.

During the event, the development of Direct Lending in Belgium and Europe was discussed, featuring an introduction by Ivan Van de Cloot, Chief Economist, Itinera Institute and a keynote by Floris Hovingh, Head of Alternative Capital Solutions at Deloitte. The programme continued with a panel discussion about the relevance of direct lending for the Belgian market, which was moderated by Sebastiaan Preckler, Head of Debt and Capital Advisory Belgium. Floris Hovingh, Ivan Van de Cloot, Filip Lacquet, Group Manager Corporate Finance at PMV, and Mattis Poetter, Partner Private Debt Group at BlueBay AM, engaged in an interesting discussion that gave the event attendees a lot of food for thought.

More ideas and insights were exchanged during the walking dinner that concluded the event.

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