Business Finance (IPM)

Support management decisions

Business Finance is about (1) improving effective planning, informed decision-making and forecast accuracy, (2) analyzing activities, design & developping cost models and defining data collection processes, (3) translating strategy in specific objectives and measures to monitor the implementation of strategy over time and against targets or benchmarks and (4) optimizing and streamlining the consolidation processes into a single, corporate driven, timely and error-free procedure

Planning, budgeting & forecasting

Planning, budgeting and forecasting are three important pillars of Deloitte’s Integrated Performance Management framework. One of the biggest objectives of this framework – which many companies however tend to struggle with – is that strategy has to be effectively translated into long-term plans, mid-term budgets and short-term forecasts in order to make sure that strategic objectives are met, financial targets are reached and shareholder value gets created in a proper and sustainable manner.

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Reporting & BSC

With the Management Reporting and Balanced Scorecard (BSC) offering, Deloitte provides a framework for translating your company’s business strategy into specific, actionable metrics serving different audiences (executive reporting and managerial reporting). As such, Deloitte can help define your organization-wide reporting strategy that will in the end help your business owners and managers improve strategic and day-to-day decision-making through more relevant & accurate information that is available sooner.

With the BSC framework, you can add reporting on customer, internal processess and growth & innovation to complement financial reporting.

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Costing, Profitability & Charge back

The share of indirect costs such as IT, utilities, administration, management and so on in many businesses has been rising over the last decade and as a result many companies are trying to control and contain their indirect costs. Understanding all the costs is a first step to enable a company to control them and therefore it is essential to allocate both direct and indirect costs to products, customers and sales channels according to their consumption of goods and services.

Key Contacts

Eric Callewaert

Eric Callewaert

Managing Partner, Clients & Industries

Eric, who joined Deloitte in 2002, is the managing partner for Clients and Industries and a member of the Deloitte Belgium Executive Committee. He is also a member of Belgium’s Consulting leadership t... More

Nicolas Van Houtryve

Nicolas Van Houtryve

Enterprise Performance

Nicolas Van Houtryve leads the Finance Transformation Service Line at Deloitte Consulting. His focus is on translating strategy into business and financial targets. Nicolas demonstrated throughout the... More

Thomas Cardoen

Thomas Cardoen

Business Finance & Analytics Lead

Thomas leads the Business Finance & Analytics market offering in Belgium, with a focus on helping customers transform the planning, reporting, costing and consolidation capabilities of their finance f... More