Real Estate

Real Estate comprises real estate consulting, financial advisory and transaction support services.

Portfolio Strategy & Transformation for Private and Public organizations

Does your real estate portfolio support the strategic goals of your company or municipality? Do you have sufficient knowledge about your real estate and its efficiency? Where do you need your real estate? How much space do you really need? What type of space is it and what about the costs? Deficiencies in optimizing the real estate portfolio are many ownership does not have to be the best solution, as is a lack of performance metrics or awareness of market possibilities, empty or unsuitably used premises, low workplace quality, high investment costs for increasing standards, etc

Asset valuation, Market Analysis and Development Advisory

Do you have sufficient knowledge of the dynamic developments on the market and the related impact on your building or current projects portfolio? Do you know which ones are losing value and represent potential risks? Would you liketo have our experts’ independent point of view? With limited access to real estate (market) information, and diverse missions (regulatory commercial, tax, litigation, audit review, etc) real estate valuations are indeed becoming complex, especially for operationally-used property and in (re)development scenarios. No one size fits all solution exists.

Strategy for Real Estate and Construction organizations

Is your organization confronted with shrinking margins in the sector? Are you affected by changes in regulation such as the environmental impact? Are foreign competitors entering your local market? Do you find yourself forced to internationalize due to difficult permit construction legislation? A distinctive strategy sets the organization apart and provides a competitive advantage. That is a complex exercise, realized through the business model, consisting of two elements: the customer value proposition (products, services) and operating model (cost structure and set of activities).


Real Estate M&A, Funding and Transaction Services

The financing of a real estate developer and/or project is a challenging task, requiring an ever increasing level of expertise and experience. Due to the increase in different types of real estate funds, there’s an increasing need for benchmarks and specific market knowledge for the asset at hand. With corporate transactions (be it sales and divestitures, acquisitions, spinoffs, mergers or joint ventures), it is necessary to ensure that you are protected against any inherent risks ( tax, operational) within the target vehicles in order to achieve the best value from the transaction.

Workplace Advisory & Future of Work

How do you design, configure and use your workplace to ensure collaboration, flexibility, innovation and maximize occupation? How much space do you really need? How do you embed sustainable development? How much does your real estate contribute to financial objectives? How do you preserve that value?Transformation of the workplace is accelerating in the New Normal, yet the dimensions of “Future of Work” are numerous: What is work? Who is doing the work? Where is work done? Because of this multi-disciplinary aspect, it is often complex for organizations to define their corporate real estate strategy.

Infrastructure & Capital Projects

Have you considered and compared all opportunities for your capital project investment? Do you have a good understanding of financial implications of key risk areas? Is demonstrating value for money and ROI a challenge? Or is your existing reporting not consolidated for accurate and timely information?What successful capital projects have in common is that they possess effective governance, controls and capabilities across the entire life cycle. Meanwhile,s takeholders look for a model they can buy in to the assumptions and results. How then, do you plan to establish direction, mitigate risk and provide control?

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Frédéric Sohet

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Valentin Toubeau


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