Service Delivery Model Design

We organize finance to add maximum value to achieve business objectives and to execute its assigned roles. Assessing and executing shared services and/or Business Process Outsourcing strategies to develop a consolidated, standardized and customer focused organization is also an important part of our Finance Operating Model offering.

Finance organization: Deloitte will help you eliminate structural inefficiencies, enhance accountability and define optimal organization model to support the finance function by identifying the fundamental finance capabilities and competencies and defining where they should be executed, making sure they are in line with the business expectations and corporate strategic objectives. We help Finance to take on this organizational transformation journey, not only redesigning the organization chart but also specifying roles & responsibilities and ownership within Finance and beyond – clarifying interactions with Finance stakeholders.

Shared services & Global Business Services: we help companies, in an integrated approach, to achieve maximum efficiency, control, and value from their back-office operations through optimizing and/or consolidating redundant processes, systems, and organizations in a service-oriented business unit or by outsourcing them to an external supplier. We assess feasibility and support the design & implementation of a SSC or GBS organization. Click the picture to download the report...

Check out our Shared Services Center survey for more information about the trends.

Key Contacts

Rolf Driesen

Rolf Driesen

Managing Partner, Consulting

Rolf Driesen is managing partner of Consulting, a practice with 1,000 consultants working across five offerings: Strategy, Analytics and M&A, Customer & Marketing, Business Operations, and Human Capit... More

Charles Palmieri

Charles Palmieri

Digital Finance

Charles supports CFOs and their teams through their journey towards digitalization, defining their digital strategy and deploying digital solutions with a focus on the automation of operations (e.g. R... More