Regulatory Radar

Latest issue - November 2020

Overview of the key regulatory changes impacting the financial services industry

Highlights in this issue

The European Central Bank (ECB) publishes a guide on climate-related and environmental riskswhich lays down supervisory expectations relating to risk management and disclosure

On 27 November, the ECB published a guide on climate-related and environmental risks which lays downsupervisory expectations relating to risk management and disclosure. The guide outlines the ECB’s understandingof the safe and prudent management of climate-related and environmental risks under the current prudentialframework. It describes how the ECB expects institutions to consider climate-related and environmental risks – as drivers of existing categories of risk – when formulating and implementing their business strategy andgovernance and risk management frameworks. It further explains how the ECB expects institutions to becomemore transparent by enhancing their climate-related and environmental disclosures. The guide is not binding for the institutions, but rather serves as a basis for supervisory dialogue.

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November 2020 edition

Regulatory Radar series

Regulatory Radar is a publication series focusing on regulation for the financial services industry. Each issue provides an update on the latest highlights in the financial services industry, followed by an overview of normative, consultative and informative documents issued for the financial services industry, credit institutions and investment firms, investment products and asset management, insurance, reinsurance and pensions.

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