2022 Gen Z and Millennial Survey

Belgian Gen Z and millennials prioritise mental health and flexibility in the new world of work

Two years on from the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Belgian Gen Zs and millennials’ call for the world and society to change has intensified. Even if their expectations have become more realistic, it’s time for companies to take action around greater work flexibility, the harmful impact of climate change, and their commitment to mental wellbeing.

Deloitte’s 11th Gen Z and Millennial Survey offers some stark insights into the experiences and views of the world’s youngest workers. The results of this year’s survey reveal that Gen Z (1995 - 2003) and millennials (1983-1994) are going through a very uncertain period. Beyond a strong awareness and commitment to fighting climate change and a growing sense of worry about their financial future, two key issues emerge from the Belgian insights as highly important for these generations: Their strong desire for flexible work arrangement and their call to action to employers to be more open and supportive of mental health and wellbeing at the workplace.

Despite the rising cost of living being a key concern this year, when choosing a job, Gen Zs and millennials consider flexibility, not salary, their number 1 motivator. Demand for hybrid work arrangements is growing and specifically work-life balance is the top reason to work for an organisation, with millennials in particular (41%) finding it essential. The call for flexibility goes beyond the possibility of working from home or providing hybrid working arrangements. Gen Zs and millennials want employers to also prioritise other flexibility initiatives and non-standard working arrangements to improve their work-life balance.

The second most important concern for young people in Belgium this year
is the fight against climate change, with 25% of Gen Zs and 28% of millennials
placing climate change and environmental protection at the top of their

Mental health is also becoming an important topic for our youngest workers. Stress levels remain high with 45% of Gen Zs and 41% of millennials saying they feel anxious or stressed all or most of the time. The survey also reveals that elements impacting their mental health or jeopardising their work-life balance are key motivations for leaving an employer.

For business and HR leaders, it is important to consider these findings against the backdrop of a fast-changing world of work, where Gen Zs and millennials expect workplace cultures and practices to support their yearning for balance and change. Here the survey points to both opportunities and challenges.

Belgian 2022 Gen Z and Millennial Press release

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