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Innovative operational excellence

Our relocation to the Gateway building took place in January 2017. With its airport location, it is indeed the gateway to Europe. It is also the vibrant heart of Deloitte Belgium. A place of innovation where more than 2,000 employees are taking a pioneering next step towards the future of work. With its excellent mobility options, Gateway also demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, and to continue decreasing the firm’s CO₂ output per full-time employee, which has been substantially reducing since 2012.

Bricks, bytes and behaviour

Every working day, hundreds of Deloitters and visitors appreciate the many benefits of the Gateway building. For example, its inspiring design state-of-the-art facilities and innovative services. But none of this would exist without the seamless operational excellence of Deloitte Services & Investments (DSI). It was quite a challenge to move from the previous site’s four buildings to only one of 34,000 m². Engaged with the Gateway project from the very beginning and closely collaborating with a dedicated Gateway project team, the many departments of DSI organised financing, planned the building and supervised its construction. We operated effectively across the firm with a multi-disciplinary approach in collaboration with our integrated services for the realisation of the Gateway building between Real Estate, Consulting, Risk Advisory operations and Consulting Human Capital.


It takes a lot of complex engineering to make things straightforward. Working in the Gateway building is convenient and it demonstrates the hard work the project team has invested in the state of the art infrastructure. It is simply the most irresistible office to work in.
Eric Orban, Partner, Financial Advisory – Real Estate


They conceived a layout with a wide variety of motivating spaces, and supported it with advanced IT infrastructure. They also facilitated innovative ways of working to meet the evolving needs of our clients and workforce. To keep our people informed as the project progressed and to manage the behaviour change necessary to engage such a large number of people, fully transparent communication from the management level was key.


Gateway is equipped with advanced technology to improve life at the office and our way of getting to work, ranging from intelligent networks to indoor navigation, security and apps supporting mobility programs. Technology is the backbone to enable next-generation experiences for our clients and our people, today and tomorrow.
Guy Lucq, CIO Deloitte Belgium


Seamless support for our professionals

The final relocation to Gateway was challenging. More than 20 different workstreams ensured that all the various elements were covered, from packing and clean-up to legal affairs and risk management.

From the first day at the new site, the expert teams kept the building, its infrastructure and its services running smoothly, giving our professionals the support they need to serve their clients in the best possible way.

The relocation to Gateway is, of course, not the end. It’s just the beginning, as we strive to make an impact every day on our clients, people and society.


The move to Gateway exemplified Deloitte's multidisciplinary professional services in action. Our central project management office works closely with the Business Units to provide client solutions based on the multidisciplinary model (MDM).
Isabelle De Becker, Director, Operations

Gateway office


Geert Verstraeten
COO Deloitte Belgium

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Carrying out such an ambitious project required careful co-ordination from A to Z by our teams of dedicated professionals.
Geert Verstraeten, COO Deloitte Belgium

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