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Innovate by doing

Enabling disruptive solutions

In order to be the undisputed leader in professional services we need to be the most innovative firm on a global scale. Many of our innovation solutions are already being used by other member firms. Now we want to achieve more. Inspired by “Innovate by doing”, our motto for 2020 and beyond, we’re working on new disruptive models to grow and strengthen our firm.

Innovation with Talent

Innovation always comes from people. That’s why we have invested in creating an organisation that encourages our people to think differently, develop ideas and support entrepreneurship. For Alexandra van Hille, Chief of Staff Technology, Consulting, “Innovation is at the core of our business and without it, consulting wouldn’t be as exciting.” For instance, our Innovation Academy connects a select number of professionals, highly motivated to work with start-ups innovating in the chemical sector. This offers our talented people the opportunity to enhance their personal and professional growth.

According to Mathias Crab, Business Analyst, Public Sector Strategy & Operations, “We as Deloitters constantly have to reinvent and reconsider ourselves, as we do with clients.” One example is our new talent platform MyBenefits, a one-stop-shop portal, accessible anywhere at anytime, delivering a top-notch user experience.

In May 2017 Deloitte Belgium started hosting innovation sessions for its employees. They provide an overview of what innovation means for us, our recent investments, our plans for the near future and how all this will transform our business. Guido Vandervorst, Innovation Leader at Deloitte, puts it this way, “The innovation sessions are crucial. We want our people to be aware of the disruptive models we work on, so they can bring this understanding to clients and help them also become more innovative.”

Disruptive solutions for clients

Deloitte wants to play a pioneering role in the further development of the blockchain ecosystem and its rollout in the business world. “Far more research is still needed,” says Jean-Luc Verhelst, a blockchain expert from Monitor Deloitte. “One of the open questions, for example, is how scalable blockchain technology is.”

The Internet of Things is experiencing exponential growth and will become more and more important for our clients. By 2020 we expect to have 70 billion connected devices. The cognitive chatbot Malcolm that Deloitte developed for VDAB, the Flemish public employment service, could generate €1 million in cost savings per year. We’re also helping clients with robotic process automation, a disruptive technology that allows organisations to automate business processes in a controlled, flexible, scalable and non-invasive way.


We help utilities transform their business using advanced analytics and the 'internet of things’ to meet tomorrow's challenges: integrating electric vehicles and distributed energy sources, like photovoltaic, into the electric grid.
Dieter Vonken, Manager, Risk Advisory


Innovation with clients

Last year Deloitte Digital Belgium started working with Deloitte Pixel US to determine how crowdsourcing platforms could be used as alternative models to efficiently deliver client projects. The benefits of crowdsourcing include a cost model based on final results, increased creativity and access to innovative ideas.

In collaboration with our industrial partner Eandis, we launched our Next Generation Infrastructure (NGIN) solutions. NGIN helps infrastructure companies overcome challenges such as increasingly connected networks, the need to be more customer-focused, and growing regulatory scrutiny.


In a digital world, clients expect fast and thorough results – and that is what Digital Accountant offers. They get comprehensive insights and powerful tools that enable them to keep a close eye on the development of their organisation, manage the direction they are heading in, and reduce their administrative burden so that they can focus on their core business.
Sam Sluismans, Partner Strategy & Innovation, Deloitte Private


Foundational innovation programmes

Deloitte has a long-standing history of developing impactful programmes and delivering excellence. The Digital Accountant solution provides SMEs with an up-to-date overview of their financial situation along with powerful tools to keep a close eye on their business and manage their future. With DFACT (Fast Audit Control Technology) we are harnessing the power of data. This easy-to-use tool was designed to perform data analysis and different tests for faster and better insights into key internal controls and risks in critical business processes.

Deloitte’s Cyber Strategy Framework (CSF) offers a solution for cyber security challenges. It helps organisations enhance the value of their cyber investments, focus on cyber priorities and facilitate communication on cyber issues with internal and external stakeholders. Our Tax and Legal services are also offering clients innovative tools, including the web-based solution TP Digital DoX, which provides efficient and streamlined management of transfer pricing documentation processes. The Indirect Tax SMART application is an automated tool offering compliance services across Europe that it is being used by some of the largest global multinational companies.


SMART is helping us standardise the VAT compliance process, further centralise VAT compliance into our shared service centre, and identify recurring errors made when this task was done locally..
Jonas Lowie, Senior Manager, Tax and Legal
Cédric Moyson, Global Leader Technology Product Distribution, Tax and Legal


Deloitte's Technology Fast 50

Focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, the Fast 50 programme ranks the top fifty fastest-growing technology companies in Belgium, selected by revenue growth over the previous four years. Younger companies and start-ups with revenue potential that have been active in the industry for less than four years can be recognised as Rising Stars in the programme.

Upcoming initiatives

The Innovation Fund marks our commitment to promoting innovation by empowering young tech companies at different phases of maturity. Carefully selected candidates for investment will require a proven ability to shape disruption for strategic advantage in the sectors of information technology, analytics, digital and cyber. In addition, Deloitte Belgium opened its Booster Programme 2.0. After a successful first edition, selected young technology scale-ups will receive 50 days of free Deloitte support, access to the extended Deloitte network and mentoring by Deloitte executives to bring them to the next level.

The innovation sessions are crucial. We want Deloitters to be aware of the disruptive models we work on, so they can bring this understanding to clients to help them also become more innovative.
Guido Vandervorst, Innovation Lead

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