Achieving a more gender-diverse organisation

Strength from cultural diversity is one of Deloitte’s shared values, and we recognise that our diversity represents an enormous opportunity. That’s why Deloitte Belgium is taking steps towards having a gender-balanced leadership. We understand that making these profound changes won’t happen overnight. But a defined purpose – with a structure, clear targets and supportive policy changes – will take us in the right direction.

Why are we committed to becoming gender balanced?
  • We believe it will enhance group performance: diversity in a group matters as much as ability and brainpower.
  • It will also improve decision making, help attract top talent, increase employee satisfaction and make the firm more customer oriented.

Our goal is to achieve a fair representation of both genders throughout Deloitte Belgium, increasing the number of women in business units and national governance bodies. To achieve this, a firm-wide Gender Diversity initiative has been developed. It aims to pinpoint the issues, set change targets and develop measures to improve the current gender balance.


We are working towards a more gender-diverse partnership with the aim to increase our female partner representation 20% by 2023 and 30% by 2030.
Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium


The initiative has key objectives related to recruitment, agile working, development, performance management, culture, communication and governance. For example, our recruitment processes, and marketing and targeting activities are evolving towards an equal intake of women and men. We also want to get the right message across, internally and externally. Building awareness and clearly communicating about the challenges of diversity in the organisation are essential to achieving our targets.

The focus is on what we can change today and tomorrow. Applying this policy will improve the gender diversity of our leadership and make us a stronger firm.

Steering towards a more gender-diversified leadership is a top priority for our firm. Achieving these goals will enhance our group performance, improve our decision making and increase employee satisfaction. These positive outcomes will benefit our organisation as a whole.
Caroline Veris, Diversity Lead

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