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Our Simply Irresistible Organisation

Driven by our people

At Deloitte we celebrate the unique perspectives and strengths of the people who enrich our diverse network. We value their engagement and respect their private lives. We encourage our people to take every opportunity to grow so they are fulfilled – personally and professionally. We believe that the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of our people help foster a positive, winning atmosphere. Simply put, every day our people are performing at their best and putting exceptional services into practice.

At Deloitte we offer more than just a career, we offer a talent experience!
Lieve Creten, Managing Partner Talent

Deloitte aims to become a Simply Irresistible Organisation to attract more than 4,000 people by 2020. By enabling our people to grow, so will our organisation. We’re creating a firm they’re proud to work for and that they encourage others to join. Our people are our best ambassadors.


We are committed to making Deloitte a Simply Irresistible Organisation for each and every one of our talents: future, current and alumni.
Inge Diels, Chief Talent Officer

To ensure that our people get the most out of their Deloitte experience, we focus on the five elements that drive engagement and create a simply irresistible organisation:

Meaningful work
We enable our people to maximise their strengths and talents, and foster their entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage them to own their role, challenging them to stretch beyond what they thought possible and making an impact that matters.

Great management
We help our people reach their full potential through coaching, feedback and development opportunities.

An inclusive, flexible, fun environment
We want to create a great environment where the work of our people is recognised. We invest in their wellbeing and give them the flexibility to balance their work and private lives. They are continuously inspired by our diverse network of people and enjoy both working and having fun together.

Growth opportunities
We support our people with training, prepare them for new challenges, and encourage them to embrace career opportunities across our local and global network.

Cultivate open communication with leaders
We want to give our people a clear and compelling company vision that they can believe in. Inspirational leadership is key.


The entire partnership and I take the responsibility of leadership very seriously, aware that every decision we make for our firm affects the lives of over 3,500 people.
Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium


Lieve Creten
Managing Partner Talent

Inge Diels
Chief Talent Officer


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Our Simply Irresistible Organisation
Our Simply Irresistible Organisation

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Deloitte is creating a meaningful, human work environment to drive engagement and performance.

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