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More than words – living our values

Today more than ever, brands must be living examples for the values they promote. No brand is “too big to fail”, and public opinion can have an exponential impact on a brand’s success in ways we had never imagined. So when Deloitte says that our purpose is to make an impact that matters, we bring this to life throughout the entire company to serve our clients, inspire our people and contribute to society. These initiatives are the essence of our brand, as well as the metrics by which clients, employees and society measure us.

Creating trust

The fact that we live our values sets Deloitte apart in the world of professional services. It establishes us as credible leaders and creates trustworthiness that is essential for doing business today.

Our commitment to communicating in a way that is confident, clear and human helps us to gain and maintain the trust of our clients and grow working relationships, moving us closer to our aspiration to be the undisputed leader in professional services.


Our brand is our most important asset, and we must be committed across the firm to living our values to protect the Deloitte name.
Geert Verstraeten, COO Deloitte Belgium


From eminence to engagement

We believe the best stories come from our employees and our clients. These ambassadors hold us to the high standards we set for ourselves and amplify the impact we make when we get it right.


Marc De Maeyer
Senior Director Marketing & Communications


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Brands can no longer expect to have one-way communication with clients and prospects about how great their services are. Today it’s all about client and employee experience with your brand, so that they tell your story for you in an authentic way.
Marc De Maeyer, Senior Director Marketing & Communications

Brand engagement

This preview compilation shows some of the 2017 highlights at Deloitte Belgium, including: the Gateway building run, mobility trial experiences, our booth at Rock Werchter, the Deloitte Digitruck in South Africa, Qhubeka, the Spartacus Challenge, Energy Lab and other Energise@Deloitte activities – plus many more!

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