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Sustainable choices that fit people’s needs

Every year across Belgium, employees lose a full week sitting in traffic jams. Congestion costs the country up to €8 billion annually, and has a negative effect on the environment. We owe it to the future to make an impact by rethinking mobility. Mobility@Deloitte, launched internally June 2018, does exactly that.

In 2017 the Deloitte Belgium partner group set an ambitious target to cut the firm’s CO2 emissions 25% by 2021. Furthermore, we will compensate for the remaining 75% through carbon-offset programmes, making Deloitte Belgium fully CO2 neutral. We’ve already made progress in greening our offices. For example, the move to our Gateway office in 2017 decreased the CO2 emissions of our buildings by 38%.

Mobility pioneers, ready for the future

To reach our 2021 goal we aim to take a pioneering stance on mobility. Not only is greener mobility key to meeting our sustainability aims, it also affects people in other ways. Imagine the impact we would have on traffic if Deloitte Belgium had 10% fewer cars on the road. What if all Belgian companies made the same commitment?

Biking as part of a mobility trial

It’s important to note that we are not taking just CO2 into consideration, but also other air pollutants, such as the NOx and fine particles emitted by diesel engines.

To develop the Mobility@Deloitte plan, we looked at the current mobility situation both in Belgium and at Deloitte specifically. We also consulted with internal and external industry experts about the future of mobility and the legislation currently under consideration by national and EU governments. By taking bold action now, Deloitte will already be a step ahead with a programme designed to adapt to future regulatory changes and technological advances.

Crucially, in developing the plan we also solicited internal feedback through surveys, a mobility trial, and focus groups across our firm. We learned that mobility is a priority for Deloitte professionals, along with flexible solutions that fit their individual needs.

Mobility is everyone’s responsibility, and the key to a successful Mobility@Deloitte programme is multimodal solutions that give our people the flexibility to choose whichever mode of transportation fits them best on any given day.

Tom Declercq, Managing Partner Tax and Legal, Executive Sponsor Sustainability and Mobility

The road to flexibility

Five principles steered the development of the Mobility@Deloitte programme:

  1. be a pioneering firm
  2. take a holistic approach
  3. incentivise responsible mobility behaviour
  4. recognise business reality
  5. tailor mobility solutions to people’s needs

These principles inspired us to create a truly pioneering, multimodal approach to mobility, one that aligns sustainability with flexibility through the following elements:

  • A greener, more flexible fleet, optimised with diesel, petrol, hybrid, and electric options.
  • Responsible mileage aimed at minimising our CO2 footprint and reducing traffic.
  • Sustainable parking solutions aligned with smart mobility options that inspire new ways of working.
  • A choice of flexible public transport options to fit any situation.
  • An attractive bike offer, bringing the benefits of no traffic jams, easy parking, and improved fitness.

Deloitte professionals are encouraged to consult with the Mobility@Deloitte team to find the options that work best for themselves, their clients, and their colleagues. Using flexibility in a smart way creates a mobility win for all, while reducing our carbon footprint.

Mobility@Deloitte team

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