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Best Managed Companies

Twelve Belgian private companies recognised for their leadership

For the second edition on 3 May 2019, the six-member jury led by Françoise Chombar, CEO and CO-founder of Melexis, recognised five new private companies for their clear strategy, extensive expertise, drive, and outstanding financial performance: Golazo, Easyfairs, Exki, Soudal and Thomas & Piron now proudly bear the quality label of Best Managed Companies.

The seven laureates of the 2018 edition also reconfirmed their titles with this prestigious award: CE+T, EASI, E.D.&A., LVD Company, Protime, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, and Vandersanden Group.

“With the Best Managed Companies jury, we brought together six hands-on experts from various sectors who are firmly grounded in reality and have a broad view of what makes a private company successful. The laureates recognise the importance of investing in innovation, they show exceptional leadership, and they’re driven to stimulate growth. This puts them a step ahead of the competition.”

Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner of Deloitte Private

Belgium Best Managed Companies 2019 - Convention & Gala Ceremony

Celebrating team performance

Nearly 200 private business leaders and management team members attended the afternoon convention where they were challenged and inspired by the esteemed keynote speakers. Shane McLeod, Dirk Brossé, and Ronnie Leten shared their insights into what it takes to build a great team by providing three different, invaluable perspectives.

Furthermore, the attendees had the opportunity to network with like-minded organisations, including today’s and tomorrow’s Best Managed Companies. After the convention, the 12 laureates were celebrated during the Gala Ceremony, with fine dining and top entertainment.

For more information about Best Managed Companies, visit www.bestmanaged.be.

Congratulations to Belgium's 2019 Best Managed Companies!

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