Belgian Impact Report

2020 Belgian Impact Report

Foreword from our CEO

Welcome to our Impact Report, a collection of stories that bring to life our work for our clients, our people and our society in 2020! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as our more than 4,500 Deloitters enjoyed living them.

This year we celebrated Deloitte’s 175th year in business, and in light of the current COVID-19 crisis, this anniversary serves as a timely reminder of our firm’s resilience in the face of historic challenges. As the CEO of Deloitte Belgium, I am proud of how quickly our people adapted to the unforeseen circumstances while continuing to help our clients navigate these uncharted waters.

By virtualising our business almost overnight, we have been able to guide many of our clients with insights, advice, and creative solutions to help them through this crisis.

Putting people first

Supporting each other and our communities through these trying times is our priority. We have focused on ensuring that we stay connected, even while working from home, to combat loneliness and maintain our strength as a firm.

Deloitters have leveraged their creativity to find new ways to keep in touch virtually while maintaining our community spirit. Our Energise@Deloitte programme has been reimagined as Energise@Home, a digitalised space with activities and resources that focus on keeping active, nurturing mental health, and staying connected while at home.

Acting with Purpose

Deloitte has long been a Purpose-led organisation. Our Purpose-led behaviours are guided by our network’s shared values— lead the way, serve with integrity, take care of each other, foster inclusion, collaborate for measurable impact. Since FY16 we articulate that Purpose in one clear statement: “to make an impact that matters”. Everyday we challenge ourselves to do what matters most for our clients, our people and society. I am proud to say that (since FY18) we have already impacted more than 220,000 lives through our local and global social projects.

Throughout the past few months, our people have found many ways to support each other and have drawn strength from the many inspiring initiatives taking place both in and outside our firm. For us, it’s all about further activating our Purpose to make an impact that matters.

Something that has stood out to me in particular is the commitment of our people to help the most vulnerable in society. In collaboration with the VUB and Close the Gap, our ‘Virtual Hugs’ initiative provides mobile devices to COVID-19 patients in hospitals and care centres so that they can communicate with their loved ones.

Moving towards green

We of course also remain committed to making an impact through sustainability and working towards a greener future while providing support to our clients as they seek to do the same. With many of our people working from home and adding new features to our mobility initiatives such as the introduction of more electric vehicles in our fleet and responsible mileage, we saw a reduction in our CO2 emissions. Through all these initiatives we are well on our way to achieve and even surpass our goal to reduce CO2 fleet emissions by 25 percent by 2021 (excluding COVID-19 impact) and net-zero emissions by 2030.

Connect for Impact

While no one knows what the future of work will look like after 2020, there is no doubt that the world of business as we know it will be altered. However, we know that by working together and partnering with other businesses and our communities, we can overcome any obstacle, just like we have always done.

By acting with Purpose and maintaining our ‘Connect for Impact’ approach, we will continue to take care of each other, our clients and society. I look forward to all the new stories we will create together.

Piet Vandendriessche

Piet Vandendriessche

CEO Deloitte Belgium