"Deloitte's study provides a clear overview of past and present interbank ecosystems, in which Belgium has clearly played a leading role. However, above all, this study sheds light on the future too."
Karel Baert, CEO of Febelfin

Interbank ecosystems in Europe

The number of Interbank ecosystems, which are collaborations between three or more banks potentially with players from other industries, has almost doubled in Europe since 2004.

Banks have a long tradition of collaboration and today there are more than 200 initiatives across 30 countries, reveals Deloitte Belgium’s comprehensive research.

Belgium ranks third in number of active interbank ecosystems

With a total of 14 initiatives, Belgium ranks third in number of active interbank ecosystems, together with Italy, Poland, and Portugal representing 30 percent of all observed interbank ecosystems in Europe.

By joining forces, and opening up to other sectors and to public authorities, banks can build credible ecosystems that enable them to prosper and that will benefit their clients and society.

We believe that there are still significant opportunities for banks to collaborate, particularly in the fields of financial crime and sustainability, but banks should also think about financial and digital inclusion.

"Banks no longer have the luxury to spend years to define an ecosystem. Pushed by Bigtech, we expect banks to move faster in their collaboration efforts."
Kasper Peters, Industry Leader, Financial Services

“Deloitte has supported more than 50 interbank ecosystem projects across Europe. Our work covers the full imagine – deliver – run life cycle of interbank collaborations. We have helped our clients to define the strategies, business cases, operating models, governance, and legal and tax structures of new and existing ecosystems.”
Eric Callewaert, Managing Partner, Clients & Industries

Interbank ecosystems in Europe