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As trusted advisor, Deloitte supports scale-ups on their growth trajectory.

Deloitte’s value to the scale-up ecosystem:

  • Connecting scale ups with our corporate clients seeking new sources of growth or ways to transform their business.
  • Embedding emerging technologies in our Digital Offerings and establishing go-to-market alliances.
  • Providing visibility and recognition through programmes such as Best Managed Companies, Fast 50 and Rising Star.
  • Bringing high-value expertise, including through our booster programme, allowing scale-ups to build a solid foundation to support growth and manage risks.

We deliver this value in close collaboration with other actors contributing to the ecosystem.

Deloitte’s high-value expertise has been crystalised into six offerings aiming to support scale-ups throughout their life-cycle.

1. Growth

Accelerate your growth plans by redefining how to win

With clearly defined goals and aspirations, you are ready to commence your growth trajectory by deploying a solid strategy. Strategy is about making choices to win in the marketplace and defining what it is you need to win, today and tomorrow.

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2. Talent & Organization

Boost your talented team

Next to your customers, your scaling organisation is nothing without its winning team. One of the biggest challenges in your growth journey is to retain and attract that talent. But what else do you need, apart from an attractive pay package?

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3. Funding & Liquidity Management

Optimise your funding mix to power hyper-growth

As a scale-up, it is key to have a tailored funding mix to fuel your growth throughout your life cycle. What is the optimal funding mix for your scale-up? What are the potential pitfalls? We are here to assist you in these essential matters.

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4. Digital operations

Prepare to scale your business with digital capabilities

Digital capabilities are often part of a scale-up’s DNA, but as you grow these capabilities have to scale as well. How do you ensure your architecture remains scalable? What enterprise software is best suitable to meet your needs? How do you safeguard your cyber security? With a wide array of knowledge and expertise, Deloitte is ready to assist you.

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5. Accounting, tax & Assurance

Get financial insights and drive your international growth

As you grow, staying compliant as well as guaranteeing your required reporting can quickly become a burden. How do you make sure you keep track of your finances and your reporting is not just compliant, but also offers clear insights to help you take the right decisions? We can support you as a global accounting, tax and reporting partner for your Belgian HQ and international offices.

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6. Legal, Compliance & Risk

Turn legal into a business enabler

Throughout a scale-up’s lifecycle, there are many legal hurdles to overcome. With topics ranging from contracting to intellectual property to shareholder agreements and many more, it is safe to say legal can become somewhat of a challenge. How do you address these fundamental elements? With our scale-up specific legal experts, we can support you in a swift, agile and no-nonsense manner.

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